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Episode Summaries:

Did you miss an episode of Witch Hunter Robin? Are you trying to argue a point with someone about the events on a certain episode? Or, are you just trying to figure out what's going on in the plot? WHR ended its 26-episode run on TV Tokyo in Japan on Christmas Eve 2002, and is currently running in the US on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block four days a week (Monday through Thursday).

Like the majority of summaries on the Internet, these will be LOADED with spoilers, seeing as they're practically word for word from the episode themselves. The date next to the title corresponds with the original airdate on TV-Tokyo. Please do NOT take these summaries and post them on your own website without permission (although, why you'd want to use them is beyond me--they SUCK), or else we'll send Robin after you.

NOTICE: All of these summaries are written based off of the fansub release done by the now-defunct Rice-Box. While I am in the process of getting the entire series on DVD, I do not plan on waiting until I have the entire official release in my hands before I finish this section. More than likely, you will see some variance between what I have summarized for an episode than what you hear or see on the official release. Once I finish this section, I may go back and edit the summaries to incorporate what was put on the official US release.

  1. Replacement - 07.02.02
  2. Addicted to Power- 07.09.02
  3. Dancing in Darkness - 07.16.02
  4. Stubborn Aesthetics - 07.23.02
  5. Smells Like the Wandering Spirit - 07.30.02
  6. Raindrops - 08.06.02
  7. Simple Mind - 08.13.02
  8. Faith - 08.20.02
  9. Sign of the Craft - 08.27.02
  10. Separate Lives - 09.03.02
  11. The Soul Cages - 09.10.02
  12. Precious Illusions - 09.17.02
  13. The Eyes of Truth - 09.24.02
  14. Loaded Guns - 10.01.02
  15. Time to Say Goodbye - 10.08.02
  16. Heal the Pain - 10.15.02
  17. Dilemma - 10.22.02
  18. In My Pocket - 10.29.02
  19. Missing - 11.05.02
  20. All I Really Ought To Know - 11.12.02
  21. No Way Out - 11.19.02
  22. Family Portrait - 11.26.02
  23. Sympathy for the Devil - 12.03.02
  24. Rent - 12.10.02
  25. Redemption Day - 12.17.02
  26. Time to Tell - 12.24.02

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