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Magazine Scans:

Note: Please, please, PLEASE do not direct-link to any of the images here or in the DVD information sections. First, hotlinking is disabled on this server. Secondly, if you do hotlink, you are going to be greeted to a VERY grotesque looking image that I found especially for losers who direct-link images to forums. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Ah yes, something Witch Hunter Robin seems to be lacking in--official images! Well, leave it to Kala to get bored one night and decide to scan the ENTIRE four page article from the December 2002 issue of Newtype USA. More images will be added, whenever Kala gets the time. ^.~

Cover to the Bana Singles for WHR XD First view of the Raven's Flat entrance Another view of the Raven's Flat entrance The conference room -- where STN-J members spend most of their time. Look!  It's the balding Kosaka-kaichou! XD Everyone at their desks. XD

The WELL, which is housed in... THE COURTYARD, YES! :P Haruto's on the left, Doujima's on the right. Now I see why poor Amon and Michael are paired up on yaoi fics. :||| Robin's desk -- LEFT; Karasuma's desk -- RIGHT.  XD It's RAVEN'S FLAT, not STN-J BUILDING.  BLAH.  :P

The following scan came from Shounen Jump. It's not exactly the most flattering image of Robin and/or Doujima, but it's still a decent ad for the series. Thankies much to Ace Girl for letting me upload it here! ^^;

WHR Region 1 Ad From Shounen Jump -- Courtesy of Ace Girl (

Look! More scans! The following scans came from the October 2002 (!?) Japanese issue of Newtype, and scanned by Nuriko of the Anime Project Alliance's Image Galleries.

Amon standing, looking behind at Robin sitting on her scooter. The women of STN-J: Doujima, Robin, and Karasuma lounging around. The pretty Robin image that's been whored all over the place, thanks to NTUSA's article on WHR. :P

Below are the two cels and liner notes that come with the first Region 1 DVD. Both of the cels are watermarked, but I do have copies that do not have the watermark on them. If you would like to use them for layouts or graphics, please e-mail me.

Robin Standing Cel The infamous picture spammed all over the internet. Liner Notes from the first DVD.

Muchas gracias to Vitani Fyrewolf for scanning all of the following images! They're a combination of scans from the October 2003 issues of Newtype USA and Animerica.

Animerica October 2003 Poster Cover Animerica WHR Article Page 1 Animerica WHR Article Page 2 Animerica WHR Article Page 3 Animerica WHR Article Page 4
NT USA October 2003 Cover NT USA WHR Article Page 1 NT USA WHR Article Page 2 NT USA WHR Article Page 3 NT USA WHR Article Page 4
NT USA WHR Article Page 5 NT USA WHR Article Page 6 WHR Official Art 1 WHR Official Art Page 2 -- With Amon! WHR Official Art Page 3
WHR Official Art Page  4 WHR Official Art Page 5 WHR Official Art Page 6 WHR Official Art Page 7 WHR Ad - In the back of NT USA 10/2003

The following scans are from the cover of October 2003 issue of Wizard's Anime Insider, as well as the actual episode guide and article published in the magazine. As the article and episode guide have some pretty large spoilers on the series, you can view them at your own risk using the text links below. Following those are scans of the Witch Hunter Robin shitajaki (pencil board). All scans courtesy of Masako. :)

Anime Insider WHR Cover
WHR Article Page 1
WHR Article Page 2
WHR Article Page 3
WHR Article Page 4
WHR Article Page 5
WHR Article Page 6

Front Side of WHR Shitajaki (Masako)Back Side of WHR Shitajaki (Masako)

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