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Kala: OWAT, a year and a half since the last update? WAIT, you mean this place actually saw an update for once? F yeah, Seaking.

A few minor updates here and there to some profiles, since I recently rewatch the series (ah, Witch Hunter Robin, how could I forget your love?) and this time, I had a much better translation of various things. ;) Also tweaked a few things under Fan communities.

And in case... people actually still visit this place? There's a movement on LiveJournal to rewatch the entire series one episode a week for the next 26 weeks. Even if you don't have a LiveJournal account and you're mildly interested, you may want to point your browsers over to the WHR Rewatch Community to keep up with episode viewing dates and the possible simul/after-viewing chat. If you're a fan of the series, love LULS and CRAKSTUFF and CAPS, YOU SHOULD VISIT CAPSLOCK_WHR. :P


Kala: So as you may have noticed already, I've updated the site and given it a much needed facelift, uploading it a day after the site's fourth anniversary. I know I've been promising this facelift for the last two years... now you've finally received it. Consider it my Christmas present to the WHR fandom--or at least, to those of you who have bothered to stick with me and WHR for the last four years.

Please be sure to check out the CREDITS page if you are interested in donating. :)

Merry Christmas, and a happy 2007 to all of you. :)


Kala: One day, Hollywood and overpaid writers/producers will make up their damned minds about what state they will keep proposed Anime->Live Action productions.

Anime News Network reports that Witch Hunter Robin is still in production. Take it how you will. I personally won't care unless there's actually a promo aired soon, or more detailed information actually follows. :P Mucho props to Dark Cloud Overhead for pointing it out.

This actually happened several months ago, but Harry's has moved to a new URL. it's, but most of you forum goers already knew that. I also sort of opened a WHR fanfiction archive, Allay Pain. Check it out if you're interested, and post away! I haven't done a lot of promotioning for it because I've been busy with college crap. :(


Kala: Greetings. It's certainly been a while, hasn't it?

If you'd like even a half-assed explaination on the status of this site, please feel free to read this announcement I made in Harry's. For those of you who don't want to read it, here's a summary: I've moved on to better things, the WHR fandom doesn't quite appeal to me any longer, and there really haven't been any new developments as far as the series in general, aside from the apparent cancellation of the planned American live action version of the series (props to Dark Cloud Overhead from the forum for the link).

Yes, I have plans to give the site one final makeover if I can ever get off my lazy arse to do it. I may work on writing out the rest of the episode summaries if I can make myself sit down and watch the series from the midway point to the end. I may try to force myself to update the fanart/fanfiction sections of UnS, or somehow get one of those fanfiction scripts working here or on a possible WHR-related domain I want to purchase for Harry's/the UnS archive. However, should this prove to be the last update I ever give this site, I want to thank all the fans out there who've supported Shinji and myself over the last three years. It really means alot to me that you guys enjoy the babble I've written and posted here, and I hope it has helped you and others enjoy the series. :)


Kala: Look at that, a passing sickness thing. Just as predicted.

As I realize it has taken me nearly six months to publish *ONE* chapter of A Handful of Dust, you all may feel free to beat me to death. I'm lazy, I know. Also, I have the unedited version of The Burning Time, exclusive only to a few select sites I believe. If you're an Amon/Robin fan, there is one scene in this version you will absolutely adore... and it is the reason that it cannot be published on ;)

Yay, the site turned two years old on Christmas Eve. Hot. I think I'll get to work on something nice for it to celebrate. :)


Kala: Definitely a sickness, this update thing. I am getting better, commend me, damn you!

The wait is over, at least for lazy fans of The Burning Time... chapters 10 through 14 have been uploaded, as well as a different version of chapter five that did not make its way onto because of their speech limiting crap. Yay and stuff. Since I will be frequently updating the fic on the site, you may want to stay tuned to it here... as the story will slowly start getting racier and have parts edited out in the version. ;)

I also took some time to edit the FAQ a bit. Enjoy the update for the week, and I'll work on getting A Handful of Dust up for fans of that fic. :)


Kala: Wat wat. Two updates within a week? What's wrong with me? This updating thing is a sickness, yes.

Alright, I'm still waiting on chapters to be sent to me by Misora... unless she emailed them and I erased them like an idiot, but that isn't possible. So no fanfiction updates yet. Expect them soon, though.

Added a link to the super-hot Incendere. It's looking really nice and sharp and you all should probably go there if you want updates. Reliable ones with actual substance, not utter crap I think up at 4am because I can't sleep. Insomnia is not my friend. :)

I also notice a link in the terms section was pointing to a thread on the forum that no longer exists since I purged it back in September. My bad, yo. However, I did manage to save the post Masako made before I restarted the forum, so never fear. Everything should be fixed now.

UnS's two-year anniversary is around the corner. If you'd like to send me a gift or something... I love fanart. Specficially of Amon and Robin, preferably with the two of them together. Will also accept Robin/Michael, and Doujima artwork too. Hell, just impress me. It may be a motivator to make me update? Har. :)


Kala: Liek, I'm slowly getting bettar at this updating thing. They aren't six months apart from one another anymore? Rawk.

Retarded speak aside, I've uploaded NEW OST MP3 ROTATIONS for the next millennium. Rejoice in the bliss of Allay Pain and STNJ Counter. Also added an interesting lyrical rendition of Shell in English. Please note that it is NOT A TRANSLATION of Shell, but an English rendition. Download the English version of Just Communication and Rhythm Emotion and compare them to their Japanese counterparts. That is what we're kind of talking about here.

EDIT: I'm also a dumbass who can't spell when I've been operating on no sleep whatsoever. I apologize for misspelling Sanders Lee's name on the lyrics and mp3 pages. <3

I came across this in one of my emails... summaries. If you've seen the summary page, you'll find I did 1-13 and episode 22. If you'd like to fill the rest in, please send them to me in text files to orbo at vauss dot com, alright? No, they do not need to be as extensive as the ones I have on the site... just enough to keep the natives calm until I get off my lazy rear and post more of my own summaries. :) And for the love of God, don't rip off someone else's summaries. I will know if you do. ;)

Oh, for anyone curious about updates to The Burning Time and A Handful of Dust, I will make those soon. Honest. And yes, the TBT version on here WILL definitely be the unedited version, not Misora's edit for the Nazis that run :)

Also edited the question on the FAQ about the WHR fonts to include a link to the post made by someone over at the WHR LJ community. I rock.

Spread the word to anyone who may or may not know it already... Say Goodbye, the episode 15 fanlisting is closed, and has been for a while due to the database crashing and my lack of desire really to update it. Sorry. :( Also weeded out a bunch of seemingly dead links from the links page. If the link hasn't taken me to a site for a while, it is gone. If I've erased your site in error, email me. If you want to submit a link to a good WHR site or your own site, also e-mail me.


Kala: Um. Hi. How are all of you doing? Me, I'm sitting at my grandparents's place on a laptop that isn't even mind doing a slight update to UnS. Anyhow, edited the FAQ a little. If I actually have a computer when Hurricane Ivan passes by, I swear I will actually get off my lazy ass and do some updates to UnS. Alrighty? Good.

If you have any questions about anything, direct them all to Shinji, as he will be the only one who will be able to make any changes or additions to the site for a while. This includes fanfiction updates...

I apologize for all of this. :P


[2:55 AM CDT] Kala: Managed to scrap together some sort of quick update. There's more coming, but I figure I would do this in little installments. Plus, it's nearly 3am, and I need sleep. I will do the rest once I get sleep and go to work and such. :)

Region 1 releases should now be to date, and featuring all accurate information and appropriate covers. If there is anything wrong, e-mail me, and I will get the problem corrected as soon as possible. Thank you to RobinxAmon, Scary Kitty, UnderdogsSecret, and Hexes for offering the information on DVDs 3, 4, and 5. :)

Next, I would like to offer a huge apology to Kira Uoada. She did indeed submit this wonderful post-series Amon/Robin fic that I forgot to post the links to the chapters on in the fanfiction page because I was rushing through that update. I am very, very sorry. This has now been corrected, and to the people who sent me rude e-mails about it--go to hell. There are more pressing matters in life besides a webpage that will ultimately do nothing for my future well-being. The Burning Time, A Handful of Dust, and others will be updated later. I promise. :)

Bigger update later. I swear. And for anyone wondering where in the hell the crazy words come from for updates on the main page... I blame Smashing Pumpkins songs. :P

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