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Oh, look! Questions we're often asked here at Usuyami no Sekai! If you're planning on asking us a question, please PLEASE read this first. It's rather annoying to have to answer the same question about forty different times, especially when we have the answer already up. :)

Last updated: December 25, 2006


Q) Are there plans to make a second season/OVA/Movie for WHR?
Q) Have you heard anything about a possible continuation to the series?

A) Since it's been four years since the ending of the series, and close to four and a half years since the series first began (the first episode aired in Japan in July 2002, and ended in December of the same year), I seriously doubt that there are any plans for Sunrise and Bandai to produce any sort of continuation to the series. If in the future Bandai reveals any hints of making a second season, an OVA, or a movie for the series, I will definitely get this information out to you as soon as I know. :)

Q) Do you have anymore information about the Live-Action WHR series?
A) Everything that you see on the site pertaining to the live-action series is all I know about it right now--meaning I probably know as much as you do at the moment. As with the anime, we will continue to keep you informed of any developements with the live-action. :)

Q) [MEGA SPOILER -- Highlight to Read!] Who is it that we see getting out of the taxi at the end of the series?
A) Your mom.
Q) No, seriously!
A) I don't know... it could be either Robin with dyed hair, or another hunter with dark hair.

Q) [Another SPOILER] What happened to Robin and Amon at the end?
A) *shrugs* I wish I knew. Anything's possible, I guess. ;)

Q) Can you tell me where I can download WHR?
A) A very well known distributor known as

And yes, I did mean to be cute and say that. Support Bandai and Sunrise and just PAY for the series. Geez, $26 + free shipping is not going to throw you in the poor house. Or, as loathe as I am to say this, if you are that desperate for the series, buy some craptastic bootlegs off Ebay or whatever.

Q) Really! Where do you download the series?
A) ...the fact that I've had people ask this is insulting. If you have no idea where to illegally download licensed anime... it says a lot about you. And no, I will not tell you where to download it, nor will I even acknowledge whether or not the series is downloadable. :P


Q) Why am I having problems downloading your mp3s?
A) The only reason one would have problem downloading mp3s from this site is the fact you're using a firewall. There is now an anti-leech download script in place for the mp3s due to leeching jackasses who abused it before it was in place. All I can suggest to you is that you disable the firewall and try downloading again. If that doesn't help, well... sorry. Try getting someone else to download it and send the mp3 to you via AIM/MSN/Whatever.

Q) Will you e-mail me <some mp3 of the month> since I can't download it?
A) Um... seeing as most e-mail providers have a 2-3MB limit on their inboxes... no. Plus, there's also the fact it takes me a good three to five minutes to upload a 320kbps encoded 3-minute mp3 file to any given server. Newp, ain't gonna do it. I don't have the time. :(

Q) Can I use your images for an icon/layout/class project/whatever?
A) As long as you give me full credit for screencaps and/or magazine scans and link back, I don't care what you use the images for. :)

Q) Why do images not show up right?
Why do your images save as a "weird file"?
A) The only answer I can think of that you'd get either of these problems when saving images from here or viewing them is the firewall on your computer, or your network... in which case, there's nothing really I can do about it except e-mail you the image you want. If there's an image you really want but can't save or view for whatever reason, e-mail Kala. :)

Q) How do you take your screencaptures?
A) On my computer's DVD-ROM drive with PowerDVD 5 to capture the images, then using Photoshop 7 to save as JPEG files.

Q) Where can I get that cool gallery script you use?
A) From here.

Q) When will <some unfinished section> be up?
A) To be blunt, probably never. As much as I'd love to get off my lazy ass and get XYZ section up, I'm just not motivated enough to do it alone. Plus, most people have forgotten about WHR, so... yeah.

Q) May I link you?
A) Indeed, please do! Usuyami no Sekai is link-free, meaning you don't have to ask for permission to link back to the site. See my links section for buttons, if you'd like to use them. Be warned, they're crappy and I need to get around to making newer, spiffy ones. :)

Q) Will you link back to me?
A) Assuming the site you'd like me to link is WHR-related, most definitely! If not, then umm... I'll be a little more hesistant. >.>;

Q) May I use your information for my own site?
A) Seems like I need to clarify this answer. If by this you mean, may you use my site a source to write YOUR OWN CONTENT, then feel free to do so and make sure to give UnS credit by linking back somewhere on your page. If you want to rip this site off word for word, then then be cute and link back to UnS--hell no. Contrary to popular belief, I do know what my own work looks like. :P

Q) Where can I find the WHR font/the font you use in your images?
A) Originally, I had said you could find aforementioned font as part of a Smashing Pumpkins font package at Themes of a Scorched Earth named TSP MCIS 1. However, if you follow this link from the WHR LJ community, you'll find two fonts EXACTLY like what you find in the title. Winz.


Q) Who is your favorite character?
A) Kala's favorite characters in the series are as follows: Robin, Amon, Doujima, and Michael. In that order. Shinji's is Doujima. :P

Q) What other anime series have you seen/are watching?
A) To be quite honest, neither Shinji nor myself (Kala) really watch much anime anymore. Shinji's into jdrama recently. I really haven't seen a good series in a long time (read: nearly four years--YES, SINCE WITCH HUNTER ROBIN) to keep up with. Series I've seen in the past and enjoyed are Sailormoon, Yami no Matsuei, X/1999, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, Evangelion, DNA2, Battle Angel, Gundam Wing, and a few others I'm probably forgetting because I haven't seen or read them in that long.

Q) What do you like to do in your spare time?
A) Play this Godforsaken game with Shinji. The Realms administration should be happy and give me glory for giving their damn game advertisement time on my WHR PAGE'S FAQ, as I am sure this page sees more views per UNIQUE IP than their homepage has in like years. HAH HAH HAH. Really, I do love this text game.

A) Sore wa himitsu desu. Or something. AKA: I am not telling.

We'll add more as we get them. :P

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