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Witch Hunter Robin Terminology:

What's Orbo? What's SOLOMON? Let's face it -- there's some terms in Witch Hunter Robin that just blow our minds away, and we have no clue what they're talking about. Note that these are simply my interpretations of certain words used in WHR, and you may feel free to add on your own interpretations through the contact page, or help add on to this list.

Craft - Specially trained and moulded powers used by witches and witch hunters such as Robin Sena and Sastre. They can be anything from telekinesis to setting objects ablaze. Some Craft-users experience some difficulty when their Craft is used to its fullest potential. (The classic example for this series being Robin's need for glasses in order to accurately aim her Craft when she uses it.)

Inquisitor - Special members of Solomon charged with the mission of determining whether a Witch has the potential to become a new hunter for the organization.

Inquiry Machine - Click to see. A small machine that holds several Orbo-filled rods used to help an Inquisitor decide whether a potential hunter candidate (Witch) will use his or her power for good or evil while analyzing the Witch's answers. The Orbo-rods help to neutralize the Witch's Craft, should he or she decide to lash out against the Inquisitor.

Orbo - The green liquid, syrupy stuff found in the crosses most of the STN-J members wear and the ammunition of their guns. Being made from witches, this apparently neutralizes a Witch or Seed's power, which can lead to passing out or possibly being killed, depending on the 'purity' of the Orbo and the amount of it used on the individual.

Project Robin - Also termed Project Devil's Child, this was an experiment condcted by Toudou Hiroshi initially supported by Solomon 15 years before WHR takes place. Toudou's plan was to create the genetically engineered "perfect witch" and succeeded even after Solomon pulled their funding for the project. The result ended up being Robin Sena, termed by Maria as "hope" and called by Toudou himself the "Eve of Witches".

Seeds - Humans who genetically have the ability to wield the same powers as a full-fledged Witch. Their powers, however, still lie dormant inside of them. While not all Seeds may awaken, they have the potential to pass on the "witch" gene to their descendants.

Solomon - A covert worldwide organization dedicated to stopping witches that choose to use their powers to wreak havoc on today's society. They have branches all over the world, including Japan and America. They have information on virtually all witches worldwide stored into a database that Michael Lee made the mistake of hacking into once. The location of Solomon Headquarters is unknown; it may very well be located in Italy, where Father Juliano Colegui--Solomon's supreme witch hunter--resides.

Solomon appears to have a classification system for all of their witch hunters -- the lowest class revealed being D-class (that of Doujima Yurika), followed (possibly?) by B-Class (Sakaki Haruto), A-Class (Robin Sena), and the highest -- S-Class (Karasuma Miho and possibly Amon). It may be possible for a hunter to improve his or her classification through refining their abilities.

STN-J - The Japanese branch of a larger organization known as Solomon. They are spied on by Solomon HQ through Doujima Yurika to get more information on Orbo and its usage in STN-J's so-called "humane" witch hunts. They appear to be based either in Tokyo, or near it.

Masako has provided the following definition of the acronym "STN-J", BASED OFF OF HER OFFICIAL SUNRISE SHITAJAKI***:

T= toukatsu (which isn't exactly executive but means more like 'control' in a executive like manner)
N= nin'idantai (Japanese word for private organization not protected or controlled by law which Masako thinks suits STNJ)

J=Japan (this should have been a no-brainer)

And there you have it--loosely translated, STN-J stands for "Solomon Executive Organization Japan " or something along those lines. :)

***....This means all the crazy people need to stop flooding Masako's inbox with questions about her "source", when it should be obvious she got that off the shitajaki--scans of which you can find on the "Magazine Scans" section. :P

Walled City - Also termed "Wald City" and "Gold City" in the Rice-Box fansubs. A small, slum-ish community the STN-J team first infiltrates in Episode 10 while hunting Jyuuzou Narumi where Witches and Seeds live, "walled off" from the rest of society. This includes the seemingly immortal Methusela who gives Robin the "ultimate technique." Nagira has a contact in the Walled City from whom he often gets information.

Witches - Seeds whose powers have fully awakened. The Witches the STN-J team often hunts are ones who use their power to be a menace to society, although there are countless other Witches who keep their abilities hidden from society.

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