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Woohoo... now we're at the fun part--where I thank everyone and their dog for things I've used on this site. Yay! I might sound like I've won an Oscar or something, but at least I'm giving credit where it is due. Mmhmm.

First, I would like to thank Sunrise for producing WHR. Without them making a show about our Eve of Witches, this site would obviously not exist. Nope. So, mad propz to them.

Next, I would like to thank the people at Rice-Box for fansubbing this wonderful series. They did a damn good job--both with the subs and the quality of the video. Plus, they kept the file sizes reasonable (more or less at 100-110MB/episode), without sacrificing quality. More mad propz to you guys. Oh, and the High Quality Anime/ANBU fansub as well, even though I haven't seen it. Ya'll did a great job too, or so I've been told. XD

I would also like to thank Meathris of the now dead for being my inspiration to create this site. You rock, and so did your site while it lived! :( *throws Meathris her very own Master plushie*

Newtype USA gets the next round of thank yous for the article on WHR they published in their December 2002 issue, as well as the October 2003 huge WHR cover article. They were the best, and I loved that WHR fanart on the first two pages of the article of December '02's issue. XD

Super mad propz go to Ace Girl for her screenshots of Michael. That's where I got the two Michael images I used in the layout when PowerDVD was acting stupid and not letting me screencap from AVI files... >.>; Thank you very, very, VERY much! And get to work on that Michael shrine of yours, and the Amon one too! XD

I can't forget the people over at Anime On DVD, or the people on the WHR LJ Community for keeping me up to date with the releases and more information on WHR-related stuffies. XD

Muchas gracias a Shinji (my partner in crime) for nagging me to do a site about Witch Hunter Robin. He's the brains behind this site--I just have the joy of doing all the work for it. However, he has promised to do more in the new year for this site--we will see how far that goes. :)

Finally, I want to thank Viewers Like You©-- Wait, this isn't PBS. :X Still, I want to thank all the visitors and fellow WHR fans for your input and support with the site. I really appreciate all the feedback and support you've given this site since it's opened. Thank you very much. *bows*

And of course, a HUGE THANK YOU to the Harry's guys who have donated for next year's hosting. I will be looking at paying for a full year's subscription for the domain hosting (and covering domain registrations for and too) with your contributions. If you'd actually like to donate (hell, even $1 helps), see my craptastic donations page.

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