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Robin Sena:

Robin Sena!  ph34r her, and her l337 CraftAge: 15
Title: Witch Hunter, Akuma no Kodomo, "Eve of Witches"
Hunter Class: A-Class, later is S-Class?
Partnered With: Amon
Abilities: Craft-user (Fire)
Seiyuu: Watanabe Akeno
Dub VA: Kari Wahlgren

The star of our series, Robin joins the STN-J team as a replacement six months after her predecessor is hunted. She seems to have a strange obsession with Amon, as can be seen from not only the intro animation, but also her strong desire to meet him in the first episode. (And I would just like to note that I don't really blame her in the slightest! ^.~) She is obviously bothered by Amon ignoring her, and becomes quite upset when he gives her the glasses, stating several times that she doesn't need them.

But, why does she need the glasses? Whenever she uses her Craft, her vision goes blurry for a second. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you, but I have a feeling Amon's had a few run-ins with her flames one too many times for comfort. This probably explains why she starts out as an A-class hunter and quite possibly moves up in rank to S-class later on during the series.

Supposedly, Robin was born in Japan, but grew up in Italy. She spend most of her childhood in convent of nuns after her parents died in a car accident, thus explaining her strange (yet beautiful, in my opinion) choice in clothing. Robin loves having her espresso, which the owner of Harry's gladly gives her, and is used to doing daily chores such as cleaning the bathroom. And... she's got her very own scooter, or vespa.

We discover later on that Robin was sent by Solomon to discover the "ultimate technique", which she acquires in episode 11 from the seemingly-immortal witch Methusela, who later "dies" after handing it over to Robin. After she acquires it, Solomon finds her to be a "threat" and orders the hunt we watch in Episode 15--the same hunt Amon was supposed to oversee. Instead, Amon helps her escape using a passageway hidden in the dried-up well in the Raven's Flat courtyard. She gets instructions from him to see his (half?)brother, Nagira.

She stays with Nagira following Solomon's attack on STN-J, working for him as an errand girl, much to the chagrin of his secretary Hanamura Mika. When it becomes apparent that she can no longer hide in his office, she disappars and goes back to STN-J. Of course, she meets up with Amon, who helps her find out more about her mysterious past.

When she has her final confrontation, she finds out that she is the product of an experiment codenamed "Project Robin" (which was jokingly referred to by others as "Project Devil's Child") that was initially funded by Solomon. Robin is the "perfect witch", a Witch genetically engineered by Toudou Hiroshi, carried by Father Juliano's daughter, Maria. Juliano was ordered to kill Robin after she was born, but he could not bring himself to do it, and raises her in the convent where she spent most of her life until being transferred to Japan. After killing Zaizen, she and Amon disappear together.... their whereabouts unknown to any of the other STN-J members.

Oddly, Robin was referred to by her mother as "the hope for witches", which others have translated to mean that she is the "Eve of Witches". Does this mean, by running away with Amon (The so-called "Adam of Witches"), they are going to be the beginning of a new era for Witches? We may never know...

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