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OMG!  TEH SEKSIES AMON! *drool*Age: 25
Title: Witch Hunter (Duh)
Hunter Class: Unknown -- presumed to be S-Class
Partnered With: Robin
Abilities: He... has really good aim? o.O;
Seiyuu: Takewaka Takuma
Dub VA: Crispin Freeman

Most cool series (specifically, Sunrise series) tend to have several things in common -- one of them being a brooding biseinen or bishounen as one of the main characters. Insert Amon, the STN-J's brooding leader and most experienced member. He spends most of the beginning of the series avoiding his new partner, Robin, and doesn't really acknowledge her presence. Although, I'm sure the fact she had problems aiming her Craft correctly during her first few hunts may have had something to do with that.... >.>;; Eventually, he hands Robin a pair of glasses to help her with her aim when she uses her Craft.

He seems to have had some kind of past relationship with Touko, Zaizen's daughter and Robin's roommate. They are seen together a couple of times throughout the early part of the series, but they don't act like much like a normal couple.

Rumors fly between the other members of STN-J that Amon participated in the hunt of another hunter, Kate, six months before Robin appeared in Japan. Robin asks him if the rumors are true while he helps her escape from Solomon's "hunt" (Episode 15), and he says he did, claiming at first that she was trying to steal "STN-J's secret" and later saying she betrayed STNJ/Solomon to "escape from herself" and that there wasn't any "comrade's trust" between them. He helps Robin escape through a secret passageway hidden in a dried-out well in the middle of the courtyard and giving her directions to find his (half?)brother Nagira, before he is shot down by Solomon's Factory people.

I was ordered by Zaizen to overlook your hunt, but I couldn't do it.

Amon goes back to being a bastard and seems to be hunting Robin, ordered to do so by Juliano Colegui (Robin's grandfather!). He is confronted by Nagira several times during his apparent "hunt" of Robin. During one of their confrontations, Amon reveals that his mother was a Seed and had her powers awakened when someone she loved (Amon's father!?) was threatened. He seems afraid of the the fact "her blood" flows within him and his powers could awaken at any moment. Within this same confrontation, it is revealed that Nagira and Amon are half-brothers--sharing the same Witch father.

He helps Robin and STN-J infiltrate Factory and they defeat Zaizen. He tells Robin that he'll go with her, acting as her "warden" to make sure she doesn't become too powerful or abuse her power, as Karasuma fears. Together, they seem to "disappear, with Factory...", as Doujima relates to the rest of the team.

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