Witch Hunter Robin

Time Off

Chapter VI - Eye of the Storm

Rated : PG for Mild Violence

Summary : While hunting a Witch with the ability to distort time, Robin is shot by will the Orbo. Because of it, she is forced to spend time as Michael's assistant, while she recovers. Meanwhile Amon may not be able to defeat the new Time Witch. Robin/Michael

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Kita Nobunaga was sitting on his small orange plastic seat on the midnight subway run. He held his left arm tightly to his chest and his face was contorted into a painful sneer.

He dug deep into the dark green and black burns that covered his arm, trying with all his might to find the bullet that was lodged inside him. With a painful grunt the Witch removed the battered bullet and let it drop to the floor. With a heavy sigh he watched his burnt and bloody arm and he vowed to kill that Hunter called Amon one day.

What scared him the most is the fact that he could no longer manipulate the time around him. He looked around at the faces of the thugs and hobos who were riding the subway at this late hour and he damned them all. He cursed them in his mind until he could see them burning in the fires of hell.

His powers were gone, and now all he could do was imagine pain and death to his enemies, he couldn't make it true.

With a grunt he stood and waited for his next stop. He'd go to the Dojo and wait for his enemies. He'd wait for death, be it theirs or his.

He walked across the empty Dojo floor, past the headless manikin and the punching bags that hung from the ceiling and down to the Dojo's office room. He looked down at the katana that lay across his desk and he picked it up in his right hand. He was going to fight to the very bloody end.


It seamed everyone was moving towards the Dojo in their own ways. Robin was running as fast as her feet would carry her. She knew that on foot she would arrive a bit late, but it was her only chance. She had to help Amon; she had to prove that she could do this.

Her thoughts drifted back to many other things as she ran. She thought about Sakaki, and Doujima, and Karasuma. She thought about the pain that Nobunaga had put them all through, and she thought about the way they must be feeling right now.

She also thought about Michael, and what had happened recently. She wondered what really had happened. She wondered what would happen next. She shook her head, afraid to finish thinking about those things.

Robin Sena thought about quite a few of those things, but the one thing she didn't think of, or even remember was the shards of the Orbo bullet that were still lodged in her chest. She didn't remember that using her craft may be harmful, even deadly to her.

Reaching a pale hand into her pocket as she ran Robin pulled out her glasses and slipped them over her nose and onto her face. She'd be ready for Nobunaga.


Michael was doing something that he had never imagined doing before. As he drove Zaizen's car down the street he looked nervously over at the revolver that sat on the dash board. True, he knew how to shoot a gun. Often times when there was little or no work to be done he'd go down to the shooting range at Raven's Flat and try his hand at target shooting.

The problem was he had never actually shot anything besides a target. Of course, with Amon's experience he didn't think he'd even need the gun, but he still couldn't be too careful.

Michael's mind wandered back to Robin and he sighed. He was confused by what had happened a lot, and he had no clue about what would happen next. And truly he didn't want to think about anything else right now than finding Amon and Robin.

But still, he had to admit, this was shaping up to be one crazy week.


Amon's car stopped outside the Dojo and the dark hunter stepped out of it and reached for his revolver. Kita Nobunaga's power to slow down time was gone, and now he was nothing more than a human. Amon would destroy Nobunaga now, while there was still time to do so.

Walking forward Amon reached the same door he had broken only a few short hours ago. With a powerful kick he smashed in the door and stepped inside, his gun drawn and his eyes sharp.

Amon saw Nobunaga standing in his office, a katana in his hand. Without a second thought the hunter brought the gun up and fired, but Nobunaga jumped down behind his desk before he was hit.

That's when Amon heard the quiet, minuscule sound of a foot step. He turned around ready to fire but the woman was too fast, she smashed a kendo stick down on Amon's arm, causing him to drop the gun.

Sarah Rhodes had not left the country as her lover had tried to make her, instead she had waited for those hunters to come for Kita and she planned to fight them herself. Her assault on Amon surprised Nobunaga even more than the hunter.

“Sarah, get out of here dammit!”

Rhodes wouldn't listen, she swung the kendo stick, trying to connect it with Amon's neck and break his spine in the process, but the hunter was too fast. He swept out with his leg and tripped the American woman; before she fell Amon grabbed her shirt collar and then slammed her into the wall. Sarah Rhodes fell to the ground out colder than ice.

”Bastard!” Nobunaga grabbed up the katana once more and came running out of the office towards the hunter. “She isn't part of this!”

Amon was too quick to be consumed by the Witch's attack, which was blinded with rage. When the katana swiped for his neck, Amon ducked down and connected his fist with Nobunaga, causing him to drop the sword.

Amon then went for the gun, but before he could reach it Nobunaga had thrown himself onto the hunter's back and began to beat his neck with his right fist. Amon fell to his knees and lunged forward, causing Nobunaga to be thrown from his back like a bronco bucking its rider.

Unfortunately Nobunaga had fallen closer to the revolver, and in a moment the witch had picked it up.

Amon jumped backward and ran across the room as Nobunaga fired two shots from the revolver. Amon barley darted away from the Orbo bullets as they flew. He heard the next few shots and he threw off his coat, behind him the bullets struck the coat and it began to hiss and fuzz with the combination of Orbo and acid.

Finally however, the revolver was empty. Nobunaga threw the empty gun aside and grabbed a katana off the wall. Amon looked around and picked up the katana that the Witch had dropped earlier.

“How fitting.” Nobunaga spat. “We shall fight and die as our forefathers did*, we shall die by the code of old**.”

Amon snarled but said nothing. The fight had begun. Nobunaga ran forward and swiped his katana at his enemy, Amon jumped backward and countered with a slash of his own, which cut deep into Nobunaga's left arm.

The arm, which was already charred and destroyed by the bullet from earlier, could feel no pain. Nobunaga took advantage of this and darted his blade out, with a flick and a slice Amon jumped back, but a thin sever into his arm was now oozing blood out like water from a faucet.

Amon gritted his teeth but ignored the pain as he jumped in for a second attack. Amon's blade was swift and sharp but Nobunaga's was swifter and sharper and when the two combatants stepped apart again Amon's leg had been sliced, and blood now stained his pants.

“You can kill with your gun all you like, but when it comes to a true man's duel you are useless!”

Amon could no longer ignore the stabbing pain in his shoulder and his leg. He didn't know how much longer he could keep this fight up. And Nobunaga knew it all too horrifically well.

“Are you prepared to die now, Hunter?”

Amon leapt forward again, but before either he or Nobunaga could strike, a great sheet of flames appeared burning brightly on the blade of Kita's Katana. Nobunaga screamed and dropped the burning sword as the bright orange tongues of the flames licked at his fingers with a lustful hunger for his skin.

Amon turned around in time to see Robin standing at the threshold of the Dojo, her eyes burning with both resolve and with a dancing flame. Suddenly however Robin's eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a frightened way.

The fifteen year old hunter fell to her knees and clutched her chest almost as if she was having a heart attack. It was then that she remembered the Orbo shards that still burnt with their power from within her flesh. She wanted to help Amon, she needed to fight, but it became increasingly difficult to keep her eyes open and keep focused. The flames that burnt on the sword and the flames of determination and resolve that burnt inside Robin's soul were all dying down into a mound of ashes and broken dreams.

Nobunaga looked down at his right hand, and at the small burns that now adorned it. He cared not, if the Hunter hadn't passed out, he knew she would have ignited his very body with the burning pain of the flame.

And yet Robin had done enough, for Nobunaga was unarmed, and Amon still held his sword aloft in his arm.

“It ends.”

Amon stepped forward and swung the blade but in a last effort for survival, Nobunaga threw up his left arm. The green stained, charred limb was cut clear in two by the sheer power of Amon's slash, but as his arm fell to the ground Nobunaga stepped back and he was alive.

No blood fell from the stump that was once an arm, for no blood remained in the arm after the Orbo-Acid bullet had burnt it to a crisp. No pain did Nobunaga felt as he suddenly became a one-armed man. He smirked and grabbed a katana off the wall behind him, and it was then that Amon cursed his luck to fight in a room that's decoration was swords hanging on the walls.

Nobunaga was wounded, but not dead. With an evil smile he jumped forward and connected his blade with Amon's. The hunter growled and slashed back, and this time it was Amon who got the best of his foe. A streak of blood appeared across Nobunaga's gray sweater as his chest was sliced.

Nobunaga screamed and jumped forward in an attack of blind rage. All swordsmen know that when you lose your temper and attack in rage only two things can happen. You will die, or you will win. It is an all-or-nothing move, the last effort of a desperate man who had no other chance for his survival.

But Kita Nobunaga, while desperate, was lucky.

He caught Amon's arm just under the wrist and with a slash the hunter dropped the sword, before Amon could react Nobunaga slashed again and caught one of his legs, causing the hunter's weight to become too much with the earlier wound and the new one.

Amon fell to his knees and looked up at Nobunaga. He had lost his balance and he had fallen. According to the law of the Wild, the law of Club and Fang, when you fall, you die.

And so it was that Nobunaga placed his blade on Amon's face. In the slanting angle, the blade touched both his right cheek and part of his neck, just behind the ear.

But it was that ear of Amon's that gave him some hope. He heard the sounds of footsteps. A sound that Nobunaga did not hear, because he was too consumed with his hate and lust for blood.

“I promise you death, and I shall not disappoint.” Nobunaga said as he dug the blade deep into Amon's cheek. The hunter only smirked.


Nobunaga was confused by this, but he never got the chance to realize the meaning of the name. The sound of a gunshot was the last sound Kita Nobunaga, thirty-one year old native of Japan ever heard.

The Orbo-Acid bullet struck him in his forehead and he was thrown backwards, as he fell the katana dragged across Amon's cheek and blood fell from the new cut, but Amon didn't even acknowledge the pain as he watched the Witch fall and die.

It was over, Kita Nobunaga was dead.


Robin's eyes opened and she felt . . . different. Her vision was blurry, more so than usual. And her chest hurt. There was a bright light above her head and she had to squint until her eyes focused. Once they did she noticed the white tiled ceiling and realized she was in a hospital.

Then she realized this all seamed very familiar.

Moving with some difficulty and pain and sat up and looked around. She was lying on a small hospital bed, she tried to stand, but a gentle yet firm hand appeared on her shoulder and pushed her back down into the pillow.

”You rest.”


Robin turned her head to find the computer wiz at her side. He had a goofy grin on his face and she couldn't help but smile at him.

“What happened?”

Michael shook his head. “When you used your craft the last ounce of power those Orbo bullets had tried to stop it, of course they couldn't stop it, but the shock of their power made you pass out. We took you here just in case.”

Robin turned her head and noticed she was in a large hospital room and in a bed to her left lay Sakaki. He was sleeping rather peacefully, considering the fact he had been stabbed in the stomach with a six inch bowie knife.

And father past Sakaki was Doujima. She was sitting up in her bed and eating some food. She had a look on her face that told she wasn't enjoying the hospital food, but she made do. When she noticed Robin looking over at her, she waved.

Beyond Sakaki was an empty bed where Karasuma should have been laying.

”There all gonna be fine.” Michael said, causing Robin to turn back to him. “They started Doujima and Ms. Karasuma on physical therapy today; they say they should be back to work by next month.”

”Easy for you to say!” Doujima complained. “If that damn exercise yard doesn't kill me this food will! Of course with all the lack of eating and exercise, I look even sexier.”

Robin turned back to look at Michael and before she spoke he answered her question.

”Sakaki will be okay too, the surgery went well.”

Robin nodded, she was glad to hear it.

”Amon's okay too.” Michael said, in answer to the next question he was sure she would ask. “Just a few cuts here and there.”

Robin nodded once more, and then she yawned.

”Go back to bed.” Michael said reassuringly. “We'll talk later.”

”Thank you.” Robin reached out and hugged Michael for a moment, and then with another yawn she crawled back under the blanket. “Good night Michael.”

The hacker smiled leaned down and kissed Robin's forehead for a moment. “Good night, little Robin.”


The hacker turned around to see Amon walk into the room. Behind him an exhausted Karasuma was being helped back into bed by a nurse.


”That girl who was with Nobunaga.” Amon said. “When the Factory people came to clean up the Dojo, she was gone.”

Michael sighed and shook his head. “Figures. Was she a Witch?”

Amon shook his head. “I don't think so. She attacked me with a stick; I didn't get any signs of powers.”

Michael shrugged. “Well I'm sure Mr. Zaizen can talk to the police and have her picked up.”

Amon shook his head softly, but said. “I'm sure he can.”


In a small hotel room Sarah Rhodes sat on the bed, tears streaking down her face. Kita was dead, Mr. Fletcher was gone, and she had nothing.

She had been raised by Mr. Fletcher, who had been a friend of her father.

She wiped her eyes on her blouse and looked up at the television. It showed a news story on, a reporter was standing outside the Dojo. Grabbing the clicker she turned up the volume.

”Neighboring business owners heard gun shots at the closed down Green Dragon Dojo today. Government trucks were here not even an hour ago, and it is not yet clear why or what the shots were. rumors say a Terrorist named Kita Nobunaga was killed by Federal Agents today.”

”He was not a terrorist!” Sarah screamed, her anger was bubbling up to it's breaking point, and suddenly she shrieked, for the television had exploded. She looked up to see the screen broken and smoke rising from inside it. She looked down at the television and watched in amazement.

“Did I . . . did I do that?”


The End . . . ?



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