Witch Hunter Robin

Time Off

Chapter V - The Last Lap

Rated : PG for Mild Violence

Summary : While hunting a Witch with the ability to distort time, Robin is shot by will the Orbo. Because of it, she is forced to spend time as Michael's assistant, while she recovers. Meanwhile Amon may not be able to defeat the new Time Witch. Robin/Michael

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“He could be anywhere.” Michael sighed. For hours now he had been checking the area around the library where the email was sent but instead of finding something he had come up empty handed.

Amon nodded. He was standing behind where Michael and Robin sat. Kosaka had also joined them, Zaizen was listening over his phone from his office, and Sakaki was far in the back hearing their words without seeing their faces.

“Poised to strike. . .” Robin read the email quietly to herself for a moment. She had done this many times before. “Dragons of old. . .”

For a moment Amon and Michael ignored Robin's constant re-reading of the email, but suddenly Robin remembered where she'd heard those words before. It was a long shot, but it was also possible.

”Michael, there is a Dojo near the Church I pray at call the Old Dragon.”

In a flash Michael had searched the computer and sure enough the Green Dragon Dojo had once been the biggest karate and Kendo school in this part of the country, but it had gone bankrupt after a lawsuit, a student lost his hand in a sword duel and now it was just called the “Old Dragon”.

Amon turned towards the elevator, but Robin stopped him.

“You shouldn't go alone, I could--“

“No Robin.” Michael said sternly. “It's still too soon. Let Amon go, he can take care of himself.”

Robin sighed and sat down next to the hacker again. She was worried.

Amon said nothing as he disappeared into the elevator and out of sight.


Kita Nobunaga and Sarah Rhodes sat inside a small Starbucks coffee house, sitting at the desk of the chairs sipping their coffees slowly and enjoying one another's company.

“So what have you been doing Kita?” The American asked from behind her dark haired face. The Japanese man shook his head as if trying to avoid the question.

“Mr. Fletcher is dead.” Kita said. Of course, in reality Jerald Fletcher was at the Factory, alive and well, but Nobunaga had no way to know that. Sarah gasped and clasped her hands over her mouth when she heard this.

”How? When?”

“A few days ago.” Nobunaga said sadly as he sipped his scolding hot coffee. A man shot him, him and his friend Norris.

Sarah shook her head in horror. “That is awful Kita, did you call the police?”

”No.” Kita said as he sipped the coffee. “It was a Government Agency that killed him. The Police can do nothing.”

Sarah blinked and looked at the man next to her. “The Government? Why?”

Kita shook his head. “I do not quite know why they do what they do. It's an Agency called the STN-J.”

Sarah scrunched up her nose as she tried to think. “I don't get it.” She sighed. “Why would the Government kill Mr. Fletcher? He was such a nice old man.”

Kita laughed. “I don't know Sarah, but . . . Sarah you should go back to the States.”

”Why?” Sarah asked at once.

”They are after me too.”

“Did you do something wrong Kita?”


”Then why are they after you?”

”I don't know.”

Kita lifted his head and looked over at the dark haired beauty next to him. “But they may harm you to get to me. They call themselves police, but the STN-J is nothing but Terrorist working for the Government. Dirty Terrorist Bastards.”

Sarah then had to ask. “Did you know Mr. Fletcher had a special power?”

Kita lifted his eye brow. “What?”

Sarah nodded. “I saw him before. He could make fire appear. I saw him light candles just by thinking about it.” Sarah bit her lip. “Maybe that's why they killed him.”

Nobunaga smirked a bit. Yes, he thought, that is why.

“But then.” Sarah said, working out everything more. “If that's why they killed him, then why are they after you. . . Ahhh!”

Sarah's scream echoed in the coffee house, but no one heard it. Because at that very second everyone but she and Kita had stopped moving. Time had stopped.

”Sarah, its okay. I have some things to tell you.”


Amon was now outside the “Old Dragon” Dojo. He walked towards the door and as he did he pulled the revolved from his belt and held it strong in his hand.

With a mighty kick Amon broke the door open, standing in the middle of the Dojo was nothing but a headless manikin. Amon kept his gun poised at his side and he looked around, looking for any signs of Nobunaga.

Walking around slowly, he had searched the entire Dojo in a few minutes. Nothing. No Nobunaga.

Suddenly a horrible thought entered Amon's mind.

You have killed Mr. Fletcher, and Mr. Norris.

The lines from Nobunaga's letter flooded back into Amon's mind and the horrible realization of what the Witch was planning dawned on the hunter.

Now two of yours will have to die.

Amon had originally believed the two of yours referred to two Witch Hunters, but suddenly he realized that Karasuma and Doujima were probably the two that Nobunaga meant. He realized that the sick Witch would kill the two girls as they lay in the hospital.

I will gut them like the pigs they are.

Amon turned and ran back to his car, moving faster than he ever had before.


“Michael, he's going after Karasuma and Doujima.”

Amon's voice began to speak from the speaker phone on Michael's desk, and everyone who heard it was disgusted and horrified.

“Amon.” Zaizen had appeared, it seamed when he wanted to he could move the distance between Michael's desk and his office very quickly. “I'm sending Sakaki to the hospital, you get over there as soon as you can.”

“Sakaki?” Amon's voice spoke back. “Alright, I'm on my way.”

Zaizen turned around to where Sakaki was currently cleaning the tear that Kosaka had spilled, the rookie looked up at his boss and watched as the older man tossed the gun down at Sakaki's feet.


Sakaki nodded, holstered his gun, and ran to the elevator. As he did Robin watched him from her seat beside Michael and she was suddenly filled with the need to be helping in the fight.

”Michael -“

”No Robin.” The hacker said in a heartbeat, without even turning his head over to the redhead beside him. Robin sighed and turned back to the papers she had been reading.


“You're a witch?”

Kita had explained everything to Sarah. Everything that she could understand now in the time he had. She had taken it surprisingly well, considering. Now Nobunaga had the hardest task ahead.

They had left the Starbucks and now they had found their way to the Dojo where Kita had made his home. Nobunaga noted right away that the door was broken and he knew the Hunters would be after him soon.

”Now leave the country Sarah. They're after me, but they may come after you too.”

”Why?” Sarah asked, a tear falling down her cheek. “Why would they come after me?”

Nobunaga shook his head. “Just go.”

“But I--“

Nobunaga sighed. He had no choice really. He had people to kill, and if she was going to be a problem, he had to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed Sarah's arm and looked at her with apologetic eyes.

”This will hurt.”

Nobunaga flared his hand out and smashed his fist into the back of her skull. Sarah didn't even scream as she fell forward on the counter in front of her. She was completely out cold and by the time she woke up, his task would be done.

“Goodbye Sarah. I go to kill the bastards.”


Sakaki arrived at the hospital as fast as his motorcycle could carry him there, but still he worried if he was too late. Quickly he ran inside past a old woman in a wheelchair and a orderly in a white jacket.

“Hold it!”

A man behind the counter shouted out behind Sakaki, but he turned his head and shouted back quickly.

”I'm a cop!”

Of course, Sakaki wasn't a cop, but it was always easier to say “I'm a cop” than “I'm part of a secret organization that hunts witches”

Running as fast as he could to the stairs Sakaki drew his gun from under his jacket and prepared to move along the hallways. He had to get to Karasuma and Doujima before Nobunaga did.

Sakaki was worried, for he knew that Nobunaga was dangerous with his time powers, but still he'd lay down his life willingly if it meant not only helping his friends, but maybe making up for the trouble he had already caused.

Finally he had arrived outside the door to Karasuma and Doujima's room. With a sharp kick he broke the door off its hinges and aimed his gun inside, there was no Nobunaga, but there was a nurse who screamed.

Lowering his gun Sakaki shook his head at his stupidity. The noise had awakened Karasuma and Doujima.

“Sakaki!” Karasuma said, upon realizing who it was. “What are you doing here?”

Sakaki sighed and sat down on the edge of Karasuma's bed. “We thought Nobunaga might be coming after you. Amon's on his way don't worry about anything.”

Doujima laughed. “Obviously if you're here with a gun instead of roses you're here because a Witch is after us, what she means is weren't you suspended?”

Sakaki shook his head. “I was suspended. But Amon and Zaizen both agree we need all the help we can get . . . and Robin and I had a talk about it.”

He said the last part in a whisper as he remembered the horrible feelings of that day when he had shot Robin. He had never felt worse about anything in his life. He knew he's see Robin laying against those crates, blood spattered over her sweater and coat, her eyes glazed over in his dreams until the day he died. He was just happy she was alive and well now.

The nurse who had screamed before had calmed down, but suddenly a second scream echoed from her mouth. Sakaki spun around to see Nobunaga standing at the doorway, in his hand was a large bowie knife, covered in blood. He had already killed a doctor downstairs and now he was here for the girls.


Sakaki brought his gun up and fired three shots at the Witch, but Kita was quicker (with his powers anyway) and before Sakaki's bullets even hit the wall Nobunaga had appeared in front of him. The Witch grabbed the rookie's hair and pulled his head backwards.

“Should I kill you now, or wait and see if you shoot any more of your co-workers?” Nobunaga laughed.

Sakaki growled and spit on the witch. “Bastard!”

Nobunaga only laughed again as he thrust his knife into the Witch Hunter's stomach. Sakaki felt pain overtake him as the steel of the blade pierced his skin. He couldn't even scream he was in so much pain. The young STN-J officer fell to the ground as blood began to flow very fast. Nobunaga pulled the knife out and raised it above his head.

That's when the shot rang out.

Nobunaga screamed as his arm exploded in a green light and he fell backwards, dropping the knife.

Amon was standing on the fire escape of the room, he had fired the Orbo Revolver straight through the glass and into Nobunaga's arm. The witch screams and strained his face to stop time, but to his horrific astonishment, time did not stop, it only slowed down, and it was already starting to speed back up.

”My powers! What have you done?”

Before Nobunaga could react he saw Amon began to pull the trigger again. Time was still slow enough around him for Nobunaga to run, and run he did. He ran from the room and down the hallway as he cradled his left arm in his right one. A thick green liquid was oozing into his arm as the thin red blood oozed out of it.

”This isn't over!”

As time returned to normal, Amon stepped into the room and ran to Sakaki's side. The dark hunter turned the boy over into his arms and he was filled with rage as he saw Sakaki's unconscious and bloody shape in his arms.

Make no mistake; Amon was not the type of person to show concern for his fellow Hunters. He wasn't the kind of man who showed warmth or compassion, and his sense of humor was as dark as the rest of him. But not even Amon couldn't pretend to hide how much he wanted to kill Kita Nobunaga. Nobunaga had caused Robin to be shot, Karasuma and Doujima to be in a horrible car wreck, and now he had stabbed Sakaki.

Amon was the only Witch Hunter left who was in shape to fight.



Amon's voice carried through the room from the speaker phone. Michael and Robin both turned their heads to the phone in interest. They had no camera in the hospital and they didn't know what had happened.

”Amon? What happened?”

Amon's voice replied. “Sakaki was stabbed.”

Robin turned her head away from the phone as she heard the words. Michael shook his head and sighed deeply. Nobunaga had ruined everything.

“But I shot Nobunaga.”

Robin and Michael both turned back to the phone at these words. Both of them silently hoped and even prayed that Nobunaga had been killed, but as soon as Amon explained it in more detail they sighed once more.

”Amon, according to what Zaizen said about those special Orbo bullets, I'd say you have until this time tomorrow to find Nobunaga before his powers return.”

”Then I'll find him.” Amon's voice said.

”Amon?” Robin asked timidly. She was afraid of the answer, but if she didn't find out she'd hate it even worse. “Is Sakaki alive?”

There was a pause, and then Amon spoke. “For now.”

Then the sound of a dial tone then followed.

Robin had had enough. She stood and turned to Michael, and he knew what she was going to ask. Already he was shaking his head no.

“Michael, I'm going after Nobunaga.”

”Robin, you can't.”

Robin shook her head. “I have to. Amon cannot go alone. Even without his powers Nobunaga is still dangerous. Please Michael.”

Michael bit his lip. It was hard to say no to her when he agreed with everything she said, but it became easy once again when he realized that she could die. He wouldn't let Robin die. He couldn't bear those thoughts.

”You can't Robin.”

“Michael.” Robin moved her face closer to his and stared into his eyes for a moment. Michael began to blush just being this close to her. “If that kiss before meant anything, please let me go.”

Michael was so surprised at those words that he nearly fell over in his chair. He was astonished. “Y-you knew?”

Robin smiled at him. “It's hard not to know when someone kisses you.”

Michael bit his lip and sighed.

”Go Robin.”

Robin smiled and began to turn away, and then she stopped for a moment, unsure of the idea that had come to her mind. Knowing she didn't have time to hesitate, she turned and kissed Michael on his cheek quickly, and then before he could react in any way she turned and ran towards the elevator.

Michael just watched in amazement as she left. Then he laughed and shook his head. “How can I not like her?”

Michael turned back around to his computer and he paused. He looked up towards Zaizen's office but he already knew what the boss would say.

And then, in the biggest shock of the day, Michael saw Zaizen appeared from the door of his office, quickly he walked down the stairs and set a revolver like the one he'd given to Amon on the desk next to Michael, then he dropped some car keys next to the gun.

”This is a one time thing, you understand.”