Witch Hunter Robin

Time Off

Chapter IV - Sakaki's Doubts

Rated : PG for Mild Violence

Summary : While hunting a Witch with the ability to distort time, Robin is shot by will the Orbo. Because of it, she is forced to spend time as Michael's assistant, while she recovers. Meanwhile Amon may not be able to defeat the new Time Witch. Robin/Michael

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Touko was going to drop Robin off at the STN-J building on her way to work, so Michael was back at his normal desk typing away. He was busy looking for anything they could use against a Time Witch like Nobunaga.

So far, however, he found nothing.


Michael turned around to see Sakaki, the rookie officer; still his head was hung, but now he was talking to the hacker for the first time in a long time.

“Yeah?” Michael asked offhanded as he continued to type.

“Is Robin mad at me?”

Michael shrugged. “I don't think so.”

“You don't know, or you don't think so?”

Michael stopped typing and turned around. “I don't think so. She didn't mention anything to me anyway.”

Sakaki nodded and sighed. “Do you think she'll forgive me?”

”Sakaki, I just said she's not mad.”

”But . . .” Sakaki paused. “Even if she's not mad . . . that doesn't mean she'll forgive me.”

Michael sighed and clapped the rookie on the shoulder. “Ask her yourself.”

Sakaki turned around to see the elevator door opening and the redheaded witch stepping off. He quickly looked around for an escape route, but Michael stopped him and pushed him towards Robin.

”Hello.” Robin said cheerfully.

”Umm . . . can we talk?” Sakaki spoke quietly and he looked only at his shoes.

”Sure.” Robin grabbed Sakaki's hand and pulled him off to the kitchen with her. “But in here, I want to make some coffee.”

Sakaki swallowed hard and he didn't speak as Robin prepared the coffee pot and filled it with beans. Finally as she waited for the coffee to finish she turned to him. “What did you want?”

“Umm . . . I'm sorry.”

Robin shook her head. “It's okay.”

It was Sakaki's turn to shake his head. “No, no it's not okay. I shot you. And I have to know if you forgive me.”

Robin grabbed Sakaki's chin and pulled his face up so he had no choice but to look at her face. “Sakaki.” She said quietly. “I do forgive you. Besides” She turned his head so that they were looking down the hallway and at Michael as he typed away at his computer. “Some good came of all of this.”

Sakaki nodded.

”And Sakaki? I'll talk to Zaizen today. You won't be fired.”

Sakaki turned around again and bowed very low and politely. “Thanks Robin. You're a good person.”

”So are you.” Robin said. Sakaki shook his head and walked away, though he was still depressed, he looked as if a weight had been lifted from his back.


Zaizen sat in his office, on the table were twin revolvers, each able to fire only six shots. Next to them were twelve bullets lined up, the tips of the bullets were a glowing green. Finally the door opened and Amon walked in.

“Alright.” Zaizen said in a somber tome. “I have official orders; Kita Nobunaga is to be terminated. I know the STN-J captures witches, but Nobunaga is an exception. Amon, you're orders are to kill him.”

Amon nodded. “I will.”

Zaizen then pointed out the twin revolvers.

”These are special Orbo revolvers. We've had them for a while, but I haven't ever had need to use them before now. Amon, each of these Orbo bullets has 1000 times the power of the normal kind. They'll eat through a witch's body like acid.”

Zaizen turned his chair away from Amon and faced his window again. “You know I hate killing witches, but this time . . . this is for Doujima and Karasuma, and for Robin and Sakaki. Kill Nobunaga.”

Amon had to ask the question that bit at his tongue. “What if I am able to capture him alive?”

Zaizen didn't move the chair; he just kept staring out of his window at the bright day. “You're orders, Amon, are to terminate Kita Nobunaga. Dismissed.”

Amon took one of the revolvers and six of the bullets and nodded. “Yes sir.”


Michael was still typing away, when Robin returned and sat down on the chair next to his own. She had an odd sort of smile on her face, he noticed, as she sat a box of donuts down in front of him.


“Michael.” Robin asked, and he sensed a hint of something in her voice, what it was, he couldn't tell, but it made him interested. He stopped typing and turned to her.

“What is it?”

“Nothing.” Robin said, shaking her head a bit. It was unusual for Robin to act this way, but Michael didn't get a chance to ask her anymore about it, because his computer gave a small ding that indicated incoming mail.

Michael punched up the email and he gasp at what it said.

Dear Hunter Bastards,

You have killed Mr. Fletcher, and Mr. Norris.

Now two of yours will have to die.

I will gut them like the pigs they are.

I am poised to strike like the Dragons of Old.

~ Kita Nobunaga-san

- Yakubyougami*

In five minutes everyone in the office had heard the message and Michael was conducting a trace of the email trying to find its source location. Amon was standing in the corner; in his hand was the revolver from before. He looked down at it and truly he wondered if this could stop Nobunaga.

Robin was at Michael's side, looking down at the computer screen in wonder as the hacker typed away next to her. Sakaki, after his talk with Robin, seamed to feel more like part of the team again, and he had joined them behind Michael and Robin. He still wasn't talking or looking at anyone, but it was obvious he was becoming more and more his old self.

Suddenly the computer beeped and Michael snapped his fingers. Kosaka made his way over to them and Zaizen began to listen in over the speaker phone on Michael's desk.

“He sent the email from a library downtown.” Michael said, his enthusiasm suddenly dying.

”Meaning he's long gone by now.” Amon shook his head. “Keep looking for him. Check security cameras around the city.”

Michael nodded and returned to typing. Kosaka shrugged and walked away muttering something about useless hunters, but Zaizen didn't hang up his phone.

“Robin, in my office.” Zaizen's voice spoke over the speaker phone.

Robin stood and turned her head up the stairs where she could see the big glass window of Zaizen's office. She began to walk towards the stairs when Sakaki stopped her.

”Hey, um, do you, well-“

“I'll talk to him.” Robin smiled. Sakaki nodded and bowed to her before returned to the computer with Michael.


Kita Nobunaga was standing in the middle of the old Dojo in which he had made his new headquarters. The headless manikin was still in the corner, the sign still tied to its chest and a katana tied around its waist.

Nobunaga was planning things now. He couldn't hack into the STN-J computer, but he could indeed hack into the hospital computers and he had done so. He found out that two young women had been admitted after a car wreck.

Nobunaga knew very well they were the two hunters.

The Dojo was practically empty, except for a few katanas that hung on the walls and a couple of punching bags. In the far back was an office, which contained a desk, computer, and futon.

Nobunaga was sitting at the computer typing away learning everything the hospital records could tell him about Karasuma and Doujima, the two hunters he had injured. He smirked at seeing the fact they'd both make a full recovery.

That, Nobunaga wouldn't allow happening.

He reached down to the sash that tied his karate uniform together and pulled up the katana he had used before. He held it aloft in front of himself and he smiled.

Karasuma and Doujima would die like pigs.


“Sit down Robin.”

Zaizen's chair was turned so that its owner was facing the window, looking out over Raven's Flat. Robin nodded and sat down in the chair in front of Zaizen's desk and looked over waiting for him to speak.

“How have you been?”

“Sir, if you are going to ask me about Sakaki, please just do so.”

Zaizen laughed and turned the chair around so that he faced Robin. She was smarter than most of the STN-J he worked with. He only wished some of the people at the Factory were more like her, might make him go through fewer headache pills.

“Now Robin, understand that I know it wasn't Sakaki's fault, and if it was up to me I'd clear him completely from the charges, but there are people above my head, and they're worried.” Zaizen's eyes flicked over the girls face. “But I will take into account whatever you say to me.”

Robin stared back at her boss and shook her head. “Sakaki is a good person. And he didn't mean to harm me.”

Zaizen spun his chair back around to face outside the window. “Yes I know. But . . .”

”I don't blame him, and you shouldn't either.”

Zaizen shook his head and smiled. These new kids were always something, but somehow they seamed to breathe some life into this office.

”You know Robin it's been nice to have you and Sakaki in the office. Nice to have a change from Kosaka's constant ass kissing.”

He reached into the desk and pulled out the gun he had taken from Sakaki days before. He set it down on the desk and stared at it for a moment, and then he turned to Robin.

”I have to talk to some of the people I work for, but you tell him he'll have this back in time to go after Nobunaga.”

“Thank you.” Robin smiled.


Kita Nobunaga dressed in an old gray turtle neck and a pair of old jeans, and his old weather stained trench coat was walking through the hallways of the local hospital, on his way to find Karasuma and Doujima.

He couldn't have snuck that Katana in with him, but he did manage to bring an American Bowie Knife in tucked into the pocket of his trench coat. He'd soon kill the two hunters; he'd gut them alive and leave their innards splattered on the walls for all the people to see.

He walked down the hallways and he saw the door which would lead him to the hunters. He was here. It was time to take revenge for Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Norris.


Nobunaga heard his name and one of his hands instantly went for the knife, but his eyes were quicker and he managed to spot the woman who spoke. A dark haired American woman, dressed in a nurses uniform.


In his pocket Nobunaga released his grip on the knife and he walked forward and he embraced the woman in a hug, one that she returned quickly holding him.

“What are you doing here Sarah?”

The dark haired woman smiled and pointed to her uniform.

”I got my degree. I was going to try to get a job in New York, but Mr. Fletcher told me that you were moving to this town so I had to come. I hoped I'd see you. What are you doing here anyway?” She asked as she tilted her head.

Nobunaga shook his head. “My business here can wait. Let's go get some coffee, Sarah.”

Nobunaga walked off, hand in hand with the American woman, and silently he cursed the two Hunters. He would kill them soon, but not in front of her.

He just had to wait, because soon those Hunters would be rotting in hell.



Well, first off, “Yakubyougami” means “Angel of Death” in Japanese.

Also, I know I said the Amon versus Nobunaga sword fight would be in this one, but I changed my mind so to add more drama and lengthen the overall story.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed the new plot twist at the end, and I hope you'll all stay tuned for chapter five, which will be coming very, very soon. (Possibly the same day as this one!)

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