Witch Hunter Robin

Time Off

Chapter I - Midnight Blunders

Rated : PG for Mild Violence

Summary : While hunting a Witch with the ability to distort time, Robin is shot by will the Orbo. Because of it, she is forced to spend time as Michael's assistant, while she recovers. Meanwhile Amon may not be able to defeat the new Time Witch. Robin/Michael


“This is the subject, Kita Nobunaga. 34 year old white male.”

Michael's voice cut the silence in the STN-J room as the picture of their newest target appeared on-screen. All eyes were focused now on the picture, for the hunters knew they'd have to know that face like an old friend.

“This case is top priority.” Zaizen said quietly. “He killed a hunter in Paris a week ago, and another hunter in Chicago two months before that. He's hunting us.”

Some of the hunters -- Robin included -- shifted nervously at this. This kind of thing had happened before, Witches who had learned about the Hunters and came after them, but they never lasted long.

“Kita is a native of Japan, but he's been overseas for years. The odd thing is. . .“ Michael shifted in his seat. “We have no idea what his powers are.”

“How can we not know.” Amon spoke up from where he sat. All eyes turned to the dark man as he began to ask his question.

Michael shrugged and began to type, a moment later a picture of a different man appeared on the screen.

”This is Jerald Fletcher, 51 year old Black male. Twelve years ago he captured and tortured a hunter until he found out everything the man knew about us. Fletcher went on a killing spree that took the lives of nineteen people, eight of them hunters. He even attacked an American Branch Building.

He was a Fire-user, he set the entire building ablaze and destroyed hundreds of files. Anyway, since Nobunaga was living in New York at the time, all his files were in the building there.”

Amon let out a small sigh. It was always something stupid like that, something that happened in the past that would harm them even today.

“Fletcher is still alive, he was wounded but never killed. He's still one of the most wanted Witches in the world. Anyway, we think Nobunaga met Fletcher, recently I think, and ever since then Nobunaga's been after Hunters.”

As Michael finished his speech, everyone grew silent again.

“Do we have any idea where he might be?” Doujima asked, thought she didn't quite look as if she cared.

“We know exactly where he is.” Michael said. That caused some surprise from the STN-J team.

”What do you mean?” Karasuma asked quietly, her head tilted just a bit to the side as she stared at the young hacker.

”He's living in an old warehouse at the docks, I hacked into the security systems and we can use the warehouses security cameras for our own surveillance.”

“What?” Sakaki couldn't help but shout when he heard this. “Then what are we waiting for-“

”Sakaki.” Amon said, which calmed the boy down right away.

“It's a trap.” Zaizen spoke up. “We know because he gave us his location himself. And he's already killed two hunters.”

Amon nodded his head in understanding of what was going on. He stood and straightened his coat. “Alright. Let's go.”

Robin turned her head to stare at Amon as he walked towards the door. It seamed she wasn't the only one, everyone was doing the same.

“I have a plan.” Amon said without turning his head. “Now let's go.”


“Everyone in position?”

Amon spoke quietly into the headset he was wearing over his ears. Next to him stood Karasuma, her gun drawn and held at her side, ready for whatever came next.

“We're ready.”

Amon and Karasuma stood at the front entrance to the docking warehouse. Meanwhile at the back, a small boat containing Sakaki and Robin had pulled up, and the two newest members of the STN-J team were awaiting orders to enter. Sakaki had his gun in his hands, and Robin had donned her glasses.

“He's not moving, he's just standing there in the middle of the warehouse.” Michael's voice cut thought the static-filled headsets.

“Move out.” Amon said, and with that he kicked in the door and ran inside, gun drawn.

Around back Sakaki did the same and he ran inside, Robin at his heels. Running quickly they found the main room, large steel rafters could be seen from the roof, and there were many large, wooden crates stacked up high. Two long rows were made, both in an L-shape.

Robin and Sakaki ran forward, and then they saw him. Kita Nobunaga. He stood wearing a black turtle neck and dress pants that matched the color. A faded, weather-stained trench coat was worn over them. His face broke into a smirk and he drew a sawed-off shotgun from the coat. Sakaki jumped to the right, and Robin to the left.

”A witch usin' a shotgun, now I've seen it all.” Sakaki muttered.

”We can follow these crates.” Robin said as she looked around. “We can attack him from both sides.”

Sakaki nodded and ran down the row of crates, Robin did the same on her side of the building. In the middle Nobunaga smirked.

Sakaki jumped out from the right and fired three shots, to the left Robin had appeared and a bolt of flames was flying towards Nobunaga.

But Nobunaga was gone.

Sakaki screamed as his coat lit on fire, he struggled to get out of it. He heard Amon and Karasuma's voices.

Amon meanwhile had found Nobunaga standing with a devious smirk on his face. Amon fired the gun, he had a perfect shot, but in a flash Nobunaga was gone and before Amon's bullet had even hit the wall, Nobunaga's fist had caught him in his ribs.

Amon couldn't fight back. Karasuma watched in horror as the Witch slugged Amon in his ribs three more times before she realized what was happening. She aimed her gun, but in a flash Nobunaga had leapt away again and had smashed through the window. Karasuma ran to follow, and she stuck her head out the window to look down.

It was amazing what happened next.

She watched as Nobunaga fell towards the waters of the bay around the warehouse, and she saw his fall slow down, and then watched him stop in mid air. He then stepped into a boat, which sped off faster than she could have blinked.


She turned around to see Sakaki on his knees, his eyes were filled with fear. She ran to his side.

”What's wrong?”

”I . . . I . . .”

He pointed across the hall to where Robin was laying against the wall, the three shots he had fired earlier had struck her in her chest. Her eyes were open, but they were glazed over and rolled back.

“I shot Robin.” Sakaki choked out as he began to lose control and cry. Karasuma bit her lip.


“Damn it!”

Zaizen banged his fist on his desk. Karasuma and Sakaki stood in front of the tall oak desk that their boss stood behind. Karasuma had worked for Zaizen for a very long time, and she'd never seen him this angry.

“That's it Sakaki, hand in your gun, you're on suspension.”

“Yes sir.” Sakaki said, but it was barley above a whisper. He laid his gun on the table and kept his eyes staring towards his shoes. He hadn't looked anyone in the eyes since he'd shot Robin.

”Get used to this building Sakaki. You're not leaving the premises till I decide what to do with you.” Zaizen spoke. “You'll get used to it, Michael did.”

“Yes sir.” Sakaki whispered once again.

”Sakaki.” Zaizen said seriously. “If Robin should die, or if I have to fire her for health reasons, you know what will happen to you.”

Sakaki did know. He nodded again. “Yes sir.”

“Good. Now leave my office.”

Sakaki did so, still not looking at Karasuma or his boss. Karasuma watched him leave with a sad sigh and then she stepped forward.

“Well?” Zaizen said shortly. He was very angry about last night's events.

”The Witch, Nobunaga, had the power to distort time. That explains how he moved for fast and how he stopped himself from falling. Basically he can fast forward himself or pause time all together.”

“Great.” Zaizen complained. “We've got an evil VCR hunting us. And what about Amon and Robin?”

“Amon is fine, only some light bruises. But Robin . . .” Karasuma swallowed and closed her eyes. “The doctor said Robin will live, but one of the bullets shattered in her chest. They can't remove all of the shards without risking her life.”

Zaizen sighed. “Meaning?”

”Physically, she'll be fine. But those were Orbo bullets sir, we don't know what effects those shards will have on her craft-powers.” Karasuma fidgeted a bit. “It isn't enough left to contain her powers, but until the shards lose their power there is no telling what'll happen. They could kill her.”

Zaizen bit his lip. He needed to keep an eye on Robin at all times. If something happened to her, and he knew about it, there may be a chance she'd survive. But he had no one to spare. Amon, Karasuma and Doujima would all be needed to look for Nobunaga, and a way to defeat him. Sakaki was out of the question - period. That only left…

“Very well Karasuma, you may leave. And tell Michael to come in on your way out.”

Karasuma nodded and bowed as she left, and indeed a moment later, as Zaizen clasped his hands together nervously, the door opened and Michael appeared.


”Michael, you've worked for me for quite some time now.” Zaizen began, Michael felt his heart drop. “And do not mistake me, I do trust you.”

Michael could feel sweat building on his forehead. Zaizen had once spared the hacker's life, but in return Michael was doomed to work for STN-J until Zaizen said otherwise, and he wasn't allowed to leave the building.

“Michael, I need you to watch Robin.”

Michael hadn't expected that.

“There are . . . complications. And I need you to keep an eye on her. 24/7.”

Michael raised a brow. “24/7?”

“You may . . . you may leave the building if you must.” Zaizen said quietly. “But please understand that if you should try anything, you know what will happen.”

”Yes sir.”

Michael's entire life for the past few years had been waiting to hear those words. He could leave the building. True, it was only for a few days, and only when he was watching Robin, but it was still music to his ears.

Zaizen turned his chair around to face the window and he sighed.

This was shaping up to be once of the craziest cases they'd had in a while.

Robin was their new replacement hunter, he just hoped they wouldn't need a replacement for her.


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