Witch Hunter Robin
Fire and Rain

Chapter XIII – See You Again

: PG-13 for Mild Violence, Mild Profanity, and Mature Content

: After the bout with Nobunaga, the STN-J is under review from Solomon Agent Saunders and his deputy, David Rica, but is there more to Rica than meets the eye? And what about Robin and Michael's unfolding romance?

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Robin's eyes opened and she felt . . . different.

Her vision was blurry, more so than usual. And her chest hurt. There was a bright light above her head and she had to squint until her eyes focused. Once they did she noticed the white tiled ceiling and realized she was in a hospital.

Moving with some difficulty and pain and sat up and looked around. She was lying on a small hospital bed. It was spotlessly clean and sterile all around and suddenly she was reminded very much of her two trips to the hospital during the bout with Kita Nobunaga.

She pushed the blanket down off her herself to find that she was clothed in one of those horrible hospital gowns with no back. She tried to stand, but a gentle yet firm hand appeared on her shoulder and pushed her back down into the pillow.

”You rest.”


Robin turned her head to find the computer wiz at her side. He pulled the blanket back up onto her and he smiled. She was completely amazed to see him here, sitting next to her because her last memories had been of losing the fight with Rica.

“What –“

”Doujima killed him.” Michael said automatically. “You know we keep meeting in the hospital like this.”

Robin couldn't help but smile back at the hacker who had stolen her heart and suddenly she blinked as noticed he wasn't sitting on a small folding chair as he had been the last time they met in a hospital like this, but sitting on his own high bed full of white sheets like Robin's, and he was wearing a hospital gown too. As well as several bandages on his left arm and shoulder, and a few band-aids on his face.

Michael noticed her noticing this and laughed. “I thought it was time I came to the hospital myself. I'm due in surgery in a few minutes for my shoulder, but I wanted to wait until you woke up first.”

Robin smiled at him. “You didn't have to do that.”

Michael smiled back. “I wanted to.”

Robin wanted to reach out and hug the hacker but she thought she had better not since he was bandaged up so much. She hadn't realized how badly he hurt his arm until now. Then something else struck her.

“Michael, how did I get back to Japan?”

Michael laughed again. It was good to hear him laugh; she hadn't heard him even slightly happy since the day Rica showed up. “On an airplane silly.”

Robin frowned at him. “You know what I mean.”

Michael smiled. “Yeah I do. They already checked you out in America, and then they flew you back here asleep with Doujima and Sakaki. You've been out for about three days, I was worried.” Michael said the last words with difficulty.

Robin sighed. “I'm sorry I worried you.”

Michael shook his head. “Goes with the job.”

“How are Doujima and Sakaki?” Robin asked, curious for any information she could get.

”Well, Sakaki's okay. The bullet slowed down when it grazed Miss. Doujima so it didn't tear up his shoulder as bad as it might have. He should be getting out of surgery soon. And Doujima's fine psychically, but I don't know about mentally.”

Robin looked worried. “Why do you say that?”

Michael sighed. “Well, she killed Rica. She's never killed anyone before. She says she's fine but it's hard when you first kill someone.”

Robin nodded. She knew that fact all too well. She remembered the first time she had . . .

“But mainly.” Michael said, cutting off her thoughts before they became too grim. “She's upset about Sakaki. She thought he was dead. And she has strong feelings for him.”

”Yes.” Robin said, her emerald eyes now meeting the hacker's icy blue ones.

”And sometimes when you love someone, and you're worried about them it's hard on you.” Michael said quietly, no longer speaking about Doujima but about himself and his worry for Robin.

“Yes, it's horrible to worry about the person you love.” Robin said quietly as she leaned in, thinking about the time Michael had been shot and how worried she'd been for him. I'm leaning in? She thought suddenly, realizing she was about to kiss Michael, and not just a little kiss like they had before…

This would be a real kiss . . .

Her lips inched closer to his, and she felt her mouth opening ever so slightly. Robin would have blushed if she wasn't so caught up in the wonder this kiss would surely be . . .


Robin and Michael's lips had barley brushed against one another when the voice made them both jump back onto their respect beds. Their eyes all flew to the doorway where Doujima sat in a wheelchair, her face was broken into a sly smile and she was biting her bottom lip in excitement.

”Doujima.” Robin whispered.

Doujima's eyes went from Robin to Michael. Her smile increased every second as she looked at the two of them with glee. Michael felt extremely annoyed and Robin was blushing redder than she ever had.

”Did I come at a bad time?” She smiled sweetly.

”Worse time you could come at, to be honest.” Michael said.

“Oops.” Her smile only beamed brighter. “I just wanted to know which room Haruto-kun is in.”

Michael raised his eyebrow in an expression that clearly said “Haruto- kun? ” but he made no move actually ask her when she started calling him by that name. He sighed.

”He's in room 289B.”

”Thank you Michael.” She smiled. “Robin would you like to come with me?”

Robin flushed even redder than she had and Doujima wondered if she had any blood left in her body that wasn't flooding to her cheeks.

”I . . . well . . . no . . . he . . .”

”Get out of her Doujima!” Michael said flatly and the blonde girl laughed. “And get out of that wheelchair, you're not hurt!” Michael called after her as she vanished down the hallway, she only laughed.

Michael sighed and turned back to Robin, who was still redder than a tomato. He smiled down at her and blushed himself pink.

”I should, err, get to surgery.” Michael said quietly.

“Of course.” Robin spoke even quieter.

“Yes, well…”

Robin shook her head for a moment and then doing something that surprised her even more than it did Michael, she bolted upright and pulled Michael into a deep kiss. The two youths melted into the fiery embrace, while both of their faces filled up with even more blush than before. Finally Michael broke away and the two stared at one another for a moment.

“Go get your arm fixed, Michael.” Robin said at length. “I'll get some donuts for when you get back.”

Michael smiled.


“So how long are you going to fake being asleep?”

Amon didn't acknowledge that he heard Nagira at all for a few moments before he finally turned his dark head as much as his neck brace would allow and looked at the brown haired man who was sitting in a chair beside his hospital bed. Nagira grinned an annoying grin and Amon glared at him.

“Why are you here?” Amon asked quietly.

”Touko called me.” Nagira explained. “Lovely girl, by the way. You're lucky.”

Amon said nothing.

“Don't pull that silent shit with me.” Nagira said shortly. “If you want to blindly ignore the fact Touko's crazy about you than go ahead, but if you try to blindly ignore me I'll slug ya' in the face.”

Amon said nothing.

“You've always been like this, you know? It's annoying.” Nagira spoke flatly. “You could show some consideration for others, you know.”

Amon said nothing.

Nagira shook his head and cussed. “Well, just thought you'd like to know that Rica fellow is dead. They wouldn't tell me any more than that.”

Nagira turned and walked slowly towards the door, his eyes scanning the white hospital room and sneering to himself. He wished he could smoke in here, but the nurse had become furious after he tried to light one up and almost called security. He paused just at the door and looked back over at Amon, who lay alone quietly.

”Take care.” Nagira said silently.

“You too.” Amon said even quieter.


 Sakaki groaned as he opened his eyes. His entire left shoulder burnt like he was being stabbed by a thousand angry midgets with burning hot knives and spears. Why this analogy sprung into his head, he didn't know, but he did know a doctor had been poking, prodding and slicing his shoulder all day long and it hurt.

“You're awake.”

Doujima's voice was barley above a whisper, which Sakaki was glad for since his head was pounding with pain. He had been stabbed a month ago by Kita Nobunaga, but he never imagined that being shot hurt even worse. Suddenly the memories of the time he shot Robin flooded back into his mind and he wondered if she had hurt this much?

“Yeah.” He said quietly, returning his attention to Doujima.

She had lost the wheelchair she had been riding in and was now standing at the side of the bed. Her blue eyes were watering with salty tears. Though Sakaki had been awake before now and he knew what happened with Rica after he had been shot, he had not seen or spoken to Doujima since it happened.

“You saved my life, you know.” Doujima said quietly as she moved forward and sat on the edge of Sakaki's bed, her teary blue eyes gazing into his sleepy ones of equal sapphire.

“After you saved mine.” Sakaki reminded her.

“I guess.” She muttered, her teeth digging into her bottom lip as they had been since her eyes first fell on him. “How are you feeling?”

”My head hurts.” Sakaki said mutely. “And my shoulder. And I have to take a piss. Other than that I'm just fine.”

Doujima gave him a weak smile. She remembered walking in on Robin and Michael's little heart filled moment only minutes ago and she wondered if she and Sakaki would ever have moments like that. She hoped so.

“Hey, you remember back on the beach? When I said the only reason I flirted with you was to break the Chief's rules? And I chose you because Amon is creepy and Michael likes Robin?”

Sakaki nodded, but said nothing.

“I lied.” She continued. “I flirt with you because I like you.”

Sakaki suddenly began to laugh and he closed his eyes, laying his head back down on the pillow. Doujima pouted and put her hands on her hips.

”What's so funny?”

“I feel like I'm back in high school.” Sakaki laughed.

“Oh shut up.” She snapped.

”Whatever you say Yuri.”

Doujima's heart skipped a beat, her face lit up in a huge grin, and she reached down and before Sakaki even knew what she was doing she had planted a huge kiss right on his lips with a twinkle in her eyes.

“It's about damn time.” She smirked.


Karasuma lay in her bed quietly. She wasn't quite sleeping yet, just musing over some things. Many things. Her life, her feelings, her job, she thought about all of it as she sat listening to the radio quietly in her white hospital room.

She was slightly confused by what was going on today. Not the fact that Rica was dead, or the fact the rest of her team were back from America, or anything of that nature, but a thought that had recently occurred to her.

Thinking about Calypso also made her think about five years ago. Think about when she first joined the STN-J, not even a week after Amon had killed Calypso. That was when she first joined. When she first met him. They were both just rookies then.

That was a different time .

Her powers had only just awakened then and she was more than happy to use them to hunt down Witches. Of course that was before the Orbo. That was in the days of Anti-Witch Bullets. That was in the days of killing. Everything was different.

Not Amon. He was the same. He was just as cold.

Karasuma closed her eyes. Why was she thinking things like this? Why did she still have those old feelings? Why did she keep replaying that day in her head over and over again?

That day happened over five years ago and she knew it would never repeat itself. She knew it was foolish even thinking about it. She knew it wasn't the kind of thing Amon would ever speak to her about.

And yet, watching quietly from the sidelines as Doujima and Sakaki flirted, and Robin and Michael fell in love. It made her want to relive that day.

And she knew she wouldn't.

(Foreshadowing. ^^)


Brandon Gold gave a sleepy yawn as he pulled the large black truck into the mud of the late Rica's mansion.

The STN-A had been so busy the first day after the incident with Rica, helping their Japanese counterpart, calling Solomon, and holding an investigation, that no one had bothered to take the old bastard's body from the mansion. Now it was Gold's job to do that unfortunate task.

He stepped out of the truck no longer dressed like a cab driver, now dressed more like a beach gomer. He wore an old Hawaiian shirt, Old Navy style khaki shorts, and a large fishing vest with huge pockets in front that he used to carry his CD player in. (Which is currently playing Tim McGraw's I'm a Real Bad Boy, but a Real Good Man )

He yawned and reached into the other deep front pocket which contained a small, black handgun. He pulled it out and made sure it was loaded, cocked and ready. Of course, David Rica was dead and he wouldn't need the gun.

But just in case.

He walked up and opened the door slowly, not bothering to turn off his CD player as he walked military style towards the stairs with his gun out in front of him. His hazel eyes peered up the steps where he found Calypso's body where it had been left.

Good, nothing to worry about then.

He turned and walked back to the room on the left. It was unchanged from the day of the battle; still there was no light in the room. Burn marks covered the walls from Robin's craft, and there were small puddle of water where Rica had used his own. The blood of Doujima and Sakaki was mixed on the ground beneath where they had once laid.

His eyes cast over to the chair that David Rica had died in.

And then he said “shit” very loudly.


Michael had left to go to his surgery, and so Robin went to lie back down in bed. Of course, the doctor had already told her she was free to leave the hospital, since all the rest of the STN-J agents were here, she would stay as well.

She gave a sleepy yawn and snuggled down into the bed. Of course the reason she had been unconscious so long was not because of Rica's water, but because she had had so little sleep in the long days between now and the initial time Michael was shot so she had merely slept through the days.

Still, she was sleepy even now. Pulling the blanket up under her chin Robin decided to catch a few more minutes of shut eye until Michael returned. Memories of the kiss were still fresh in her mind and she wanted nothing more than to have him return. She had found love, and when someone finds love they hang on to it.

Suddenly there was a ringing and Robin turned over to look for the phone. Only upon seeing the phone on the wall and realizing it was not ringing did she understand it must have been a cell phone.

Her emerald eyes zoomed down to the floor where she saw Michael's pants lying on the floor from before. She reached down and picked his cell phone out from his pocket. She paused, feeling kind of guilty about answering his phone, but it might be important and she didn't want Michael to miss his call.

She opened the cell phone, only looking briefly at the Called ID which said “A. Adams.”


There was a pause, and then a voice Robin recognized as Amy's filled the earpiece. It was Amy but she was quieter and shyer than Robin had remembered.

”Oh, I'm sorry; I must have the wrong number . . .”

”No Amy!” Robin said quickly. “It's Robin. Michael's in surgery right now. For his arm.”

There was a second, even longer pause. “Robin . . . I don't know how to tell you this.”

Robin suddenly felt an icy sense of dread fill her chest. Cold as the black night itself. What was it? What could have possibly happened that would be this bad?

”Yes Amy?” She asked quietly.

”Umm . . . well, I sent Brandon over to Rica's mansion, you know, to collect his body . . . well . . .”

Robin's sense of dread was becoming worse by the second. She didn't speak as Amy's voice turned into a terrified, apologetic whisper. The words she next heard froze Robin Sena to the bone worse than anything ever had, except, perhaps for when Amon was nearly killed.

”I'm sorry to tell you this . . . umm . . . but Rica's body . . . was gone.”

There was a third pause, this one longer and grimmer than the other two combined as Robin thought deeply about these words. Her emerald eyes moved around the white hospital room frightened, frantically searching for Michael, or Karasuma, or Doujima, or Amon, or anyone.

Searching to make sure David Rica wasn't standing at the door wearing that smug smile she had grown to hate so much.

But she was alone.


Amy gulped. “I'm sorry Robin. Yes, it's gone.”

Robin swallowed; her fear was taking her faster by the second. This was horrible news. This was the worst news a person could imagine.

”Do you think…” Robin said quietly, her voice becoming timid and hoarse. “He could be alive?”

There was a fourth pause. A pause that seamed to last forever. A pause that made Robin's heart sink into the dark blackness of despair. And then there was a noise to break the silence. A gunshot. Robin could then hear Amy scream. A scream following a gunshot.

Just like Michael .

Robin was too frozen with fear to do or say anything. Then a voice spoke, but not Amy's quiet, timid voice, it was the smug, evil, heavy accented voice that made Robin's worst fears come true.

“I hope you know lil' birdie, that you and the puppies are dead.”

Robin did not scream out in terror, she merely woke up without a sound. She didn't scream because of nightmares.

Looking around she realized she was lying in bed, just as she had been earlier. Michael was gone, gone away to surgery. And she realized that she had, in fact, got a few more minutes of shut eye. There had been no cell phone. No Amy's frantic call. No David Rica calling.

David Rica was dead, and he'd stay that way.

Suddenly she heard a cell phone ring. With a frightened hand Robin reached down to Michael's pants and pulled out his small, black and silver cell. The name on the Caller ID said “A. Adams.”

Don't be silly Robin. It was just a dream .

But was it? She knew that sometimes craft users had dreams that were . . . warnings.

“Hello?” Robin said frightened.

“Oh, I must have the wrong –“

”Amy!” Robin choked out, her voice becoming high and squeaky.

A pause.


”Yes. Michael's in surgery.”

There was a pause, a long, grizzly pause. And then Amy's frightened voice spoke.

“Robin, I don't know how to tell you this . . .”



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