Witch Hunter Robin
Fire and Rain

Chapter XII – Make a Stand

: PG-13 for Mild Violence, Mild Profanity, and Mature Content

: After the bout with Nobunaga, the STN-J is under review from Solomon Agent Saunders and his deputy, David Rica, but is there more to Rica than meets the eye? And what about Robin and Michael's unfolding romance?

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Author Notes

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And I thank you all.

I've had the pleasure of supporting three couples that we just don't see enough of.

And I've created a Fan-villain who has been just as hated and despised as the real baddies on the show. (*Cough* Zaizen *Cough*)

Yet now we've reached the climax of the story.

We've reached the final battle.


______Rica .

The last fight.



“To the well prepared mind, Death is just the next great adventure.”
~ Albus Dumbledore, (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

“There is no point in living if you can't feel alive.”

~ Electra King, (The World is Not Enough)

“Look down upon me Jesus,

     you gotta help me make a stand”
~ James Taylor, (Fire and Rain)


The cab was flying down the road at a speed so great that Doujima became more worried about crashing into someone else than she was in arguing with Sakaki. She was mad at him, no, not just mad, she was fuming, livid, angry, furious, pissed and whatever else she could thing of.

It wasn't because he refused to flirt with her, and it wasn't because she thought he was being up tight, she knew perfectly well that David Rica was much more important than their petty problems. No, she was mainly mad at herself, and taking it out on him.

The problem was that was how she lived her life; she relaxed, and enjoyed life, because she knew damn well how quickly life can end. So she enjoyed every minute of it, even if in those minutes she was being chased by an undead witch psychopath. And yet, Sakaki couldn't see that way. He was too concerned with doing his job.

He can't even do his job right; the kid has been messing up since he got this job .

That wasn't true. She sighed; she could still remember how he had helped her at the beach before after Rica had crumpled the boat they had been on. Maybe she had been too hard on him; he was just trying hard to stop the bad guy . . .

But she'd be damned if she'd admit it.


Sakaki sighed.

Doujima was still ignoring him, and if he tried to speak to her she would snap at him and bite his head off. It was an annoying reality that to Doujima, her pointless flirting was more important than finding and stopping David Rica. Then again, they hadn't stopped Rica, they had run from him.

“Hey, where are we going?” Sakaki suddenly asked, leaning closer to the front seat where the STN-A agents sat.

“Been waitin' for you to tell me.” Gold responded.

”You mean we've just been driving around?”


”Waiting on me?”


Sakaki cussed and sighed. He had no clue where they should go. They could always look for Rica, but Sakaki hadn't the faintest idea where they would search, he was in a foreign country and he guessed that if Rica tried to hide they wouldn't find him.

Then he remembered something else.

”Hey, is there any way we can search for Calypso?”

The driver, Gold, thought about it for a second. Then he nodded. “I can ask Amy. But this Calypso guy, he's supposed to be dead right?”

Sakaki nodded. “That was his cover story.”

Gold considered this once more. “And he's in touch with Rica?”


Suddenly Gold jerked the old leather steering wheel and the cab jerked around and began to fly off in the opposite direction, now driving even faster than they had been previously (which upset Doujima).

“What the hell?”

”Relax.” Gold said, shooting a glance back to Sakaki and Doujima. “We're heading to Rica's house, down in the swamp. Calypso could hide out there easily.”

Sakaki blinked. “Wouldn't you guys know if Rica had a roommate?”

”Do you know about your boss's private life?” Gold asked.

Sakaki laughed and shook his head. That was true. He knew nothing about what Amon did when he wasn't at work. But this thought was pushed away quickly. He hated thinking that Amon and Rica had anything in common.

“So what's your plan?” Doujima asked.

”Well --“ Sakaki began.

”I wasn't asking you.” She snapped, turning her head towards Gold.

Gold, however, just sat there in silence driving like a maniac down the road. He had yet to change lanes and was driving through traffic on the wrong side of the road. Angry beeps and curses from cars around them were becoming all too common.

It didn't really matter, as long as they reached Rica's house in time.

And it didn't matter to Rica either, who was already on his way home expecting them.


Robin was now sitting in a small, blue Volkswagen, next to Amy Adams who was driving towards the STN-A's field office in New Orleans, the one she worked at. They were going to go look for Rica from their computer systems there.


Robin jumped a bit at the voice, she had not been paying attention and it startled her at first. Her eyes moved down to the car radio where a unfamiliar voice was speaking. Amy reached down and pressed a button on the dashboard and then she spoke.

”Yeah, I'm here.”

”What are you doing?” The voice shot back again. “I've been trying to reach you for ten minutes.”

”I'm sorry.” Amy said quietly. “I had to pick up someone.”

”Now isn't the time for personal errands Amy, our boss just revealed that he is crazy and –“

”It's a girl from Japan.” Amy cut him off. “She's here after Rica.”

There was a pause and then, to Robin's surprise, Doujima's voice spoke over the radio speaker.


”Doujima.” Robin choked out in shock. “What are you?”

”No time Robin.” Doujima's voice spoke back. “Listen, we're heading down to Rica's house in the Bayou to find Calypso, meet us there okay?”

”Of course.” Robin said simply. “But what happened back in Tokyo? Is Sakaki with you.”

There was a small, awkward pause before: “Yeah, he's with me.” Doujima said shortly, and Robin clearly got the feeling that she didn't want to talk about him.

Robin only nodded (though Doujima could not see her, she did it out of habit) and slunk back into the chair. She was very tired and knew she'd need even a few minutes of something remotely close to rest if she was going to find and fight Calypso, who was the brains behind Rica.

What was Calypso like? She did not know if he held any powers other than his ability to raise the dead, and she wished very much she had asked Michael or Amon about this.

Then the biting tears appeared in the depths of her eyes, and she tried to keep them away. Amon . She had not thought about the fact that her partner was currently in surgery. Or is he? It had been nearly two days since Amon was shot, and she knew that by now he must be out by now.

Did he make it?

She sighed and shook her head against the seat she sat in. Of course Amon had made it. He was Amon. He wouldn't just die like this. Robin was just thinking nonsense. She had to think of something different. She had to think about Rica, or about Doujima and Sakaki, or . . .

“Michael speaks about you a lot.”

Robin was shaken from her thoughts as Amy spoke suddenly. The blonde turned her head to face the American and suddenly she became very interested.

”He does?”

Amy nodded. “Yeah. He does.”

Robin bit her lip, curious to hear anything she could about Michael. She had known the hacker for a couple months now but she still didn't know him. He had confided in her about his past, about the collar, but he hadn't spoken much else about him.

“Are you two . . . umm . . . you know . . . together?”

Robin didn't quite know how to answer that question as Amy asked it, so instead she just turned her head to the right and stared out the window of the car. It was a beautiful blue sky out, but the slightest gray clouds in the distance could be seen forming, a storm was building on the horizon and soon that storm would come crashing down with all of the fury of the sky.

“Yes, we are.” Robin said at length, still staring at the forming gray storm clouds that slowly built themselves in the distance.

“Oh. Well that's good.”

And they drove in silence the rest of the way.


Rica hadn't had any trouble beating the cab back to his bayou mansion where Mr. Calypso was waiting patiently for any news he could bring him.

The smug smiling Solomon agent had simply found a man entering his car at a nearby parking garage, killed him, and stolen the car, which was a 01' Ford Firebird and made much better timing to his mansion than the '86 Taxi cab his enemies were driving.

Arriving outside the white painted swamp house cottage, Rica pulled his gun out of his pocket and walked to the door slowly. He wanted to handle his first problem just right. It was like tearing off a Band-Aid, you had to do it fast and in one pull, or it'd just be a longer, more painful process.

The second Rica had stepped into the hallway of the bayou mansion; an old man appeared at the top of the stairs. He looked to be in his fifties, with a balding head, but the little hair he had left was gray and matted. The man's eyes were both cold and dead, like Rica's own orbs beneath his sunglasses. The man at the top of the stairs was leaning on an old black cane, with a sterling silver handle.

“Peter, you've returned.” The cold, drawing voice of Charles Calypso spoke somberly.

”Yes sir, I have.” Rica said his accent thicker since arriving back at his native home.

“How did it go in Japan? Did Amon suffer? You told me on the phone Amon was dead. Did he suffer?”

Rica smiled. “Indeed sir, I shot him four times.”

Calypso laughed. “Yes you did, didn't you? Twice in the left leg, once in the right, and once in the collarbone, isn't that right?”

A cold surge of what could only be terror flashed down Rica's spine as Calypso described Amon's death in such vivid details. Rica knew what was coming next.

“Amon is alive; I watched his surgery on the John Hopkins web cam. He has suffered major damage, but he should make a fine recovery.”

Rica felt a cold spear of dread pierce his dead heart at these words. Calypso's old body was shaking with rage and Rica wanted no more to disappear into one of the side rooms of the un-lit mansion and away from the staircase he stared up. But he could not disappear.

”You've disappointed me Peter. Perhaps I shall remove your eyes from that body for a few years. Return you in another later. Maybe that will teach you?”

Rica watched Calypso press a hidden button on the silver handle of the cane, and moment later the black oak casing fell away to reveal a bright, livid sword that seamed to thirst for Rica's eyes. Rica sighed.

”Sir, you know I thank you for giving me the eternal life you have, but I can't let you do that.”

Rica raised his arm and fired two shots of his gun before Calypso could react. The bullets pierced the old witch's eyes, which splattered a thick, gray blood on the walls around him. Calypso didn't even utter a scream as he fell to the ground lifeless.

“Ah sir, I am terribly sorry.” Rica said fondly to the dead body. He didn't mean it, but it was the proper thing to do, apologize when you've just betrayed your boss to the death.

Rica then heard the sound of that tired, old cab dragging itself through the mud of the swamp towards his home and he smiled.

The puppies were here.


The man was relatively young to have such power, but power he did have. Perhaps not as much power as some of his peers, some of the other members of the board, but he had more power than millions of people would ever dream of.

His office was square and dark; everything was a dark gray, brown, or black. Most of the office was empty save only a filing cabinet, a large metal desk, his leather swivel chair, and his computer on the wall. There were no windows in the man's room, only a large glass door at the front. Although it was glass, it was impossible to see through it. Only shadows could be seen through it.

And a shadow stood in the doorway now.

The door opened after a brief pause and an older man came in the room, he had thick gray hair and a mustache that was just as thick and gray. He wore an expensive suit and his mouth carried a worried expression.

“Yes?” The man behind the desk asked the mustached man.

“Are you aware that David Rica is betrayed us?” The mustached man asked nervously.

”I am now that you have informed me.” The man who's office this was responded.

There was a pause.

”Sir, you don't sound surprised.” The mustached man said, even quieter.

The man at the desk laughed. “I have wondered for some time where he true loyalties lie. I wondered if he was still taking orders from that fool Calypso. That is why I chose to send him to evaluate Zaizen's office.”

The mustached man scratched his head. “Was that wise? This was our big chance to get the Orbo. Sending someone you believed to be a traitor to get it under the lie of reviewing the STN-J just seams like a bad idea.”

The man behind the desk shook his head. “Most of the STN-J was wounded by Rica, were they not? Yes, we do not yet have the Orbo, but Zaizen's organization is hurt. Now is a perfect chance to get it.”

The mustached man shifted nervously. “But sir, the High Boss has already forbid us to send any more Solomon operatives to Japan until the mess with Rica is cleared up.”

The man behind the desk rolled his eyes. “And I'm sure the High Boss would forbid us to plot against him, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.”

The mustached man seamed distressed. “Sir! The walls have ears here!”

“Oh yes, I suppose. That is all, you may go.”

The mustached man looked as though he had no intention of going, but he also looked afraid to argue so he turned around and walked briskly to the glass door and then vanished.

The man behind the desk chuckled to himself. They were all fools. The Factory, Solomon, they were all playing right into his hands. He sighed, although, quietly. It was a real pity Rica had betrayed them. He had always liked David.

Oh well, plotting against Solomon was a dangerous business.


The crappy cab ride was even worse through the bayou, but they made it alright in time. Of course all four of the people in the cab could tell right away that Rica was already here, a Ford Firebird was parked outside the building and they all felt a cold shiver.

This was it. They were hunting Rica.

“Alright.” Gold said quietly. “There are enough guns in the trunk to equip a small army, so take what you need.”

Sakaki blinked. “What, you're not coming with us?”

Gold shook his head. “We're staying outside to cover the exits; you two get in there and do the killing.”

Sakaki nodded grimly. “Alright, you ready Doujima? Doujima?” Sakaki blinked before he noticed Doujima had already climbed out of the cab, popped the hood, and was digging through the trunk. He sighed, wishing she'd stop acting like a child long enough to kill Rica.

He sighed, opened the door, climbed out of the car, walked over to the trunk (Doujima scooted far over so they wouldn't stand next to each other) and then he gasped as he looked down in the trunk. If he'd though Gold was exaggerating about the amount of guns in the trunk, he was sorely mistaken.

Several unassembled machine guns and rocket-propelled-grenade launchers were in cases in the back. There were small boxes of bullets and shotgun shells in a large crate to the left, and enough hand guns covered the rest of the trunk to equip the a police task force.

“Damn . . .” Sakaki said with a whistle as he reached down and pulled an Ingram M-11 submachine gun. It was the kind of tiny machine gun he'd always seen in the Bond or Matrix movies.

Doujima had strapped a belt on herself and a holster on each of her hips held a handgun, while she held a third in her hand. Sakaki grabbed a few more, stuffing them in the waistband of his pants, in his jacket, and even one miniature hand gun in his sock. He knew he wouldn't need all of these (At least he hoped so) but it still felt nice to have this many at once.

Still, not even the thought of finally putting a well-deserved bullet in Rica's ass (eye really) or the idea of having this many guns on him was enough to make his mixed angry and sorrowful feelings towards Doujima go away.

”Listen, Doujima before we go in there – HEY!”

Doujima was already ignoring him, walking towards the front door. Sakaki cussed and followed her as fast as he could.

Doujima however wasn't waiting. She slipped her hand around the icy cold doorknob and turned slowly, walking into the mansion with her gun out in front of her. If she had expected a hunt through the darkness to find Rica like in the movies, she was wrong. She saw him right away sitting at the bottom of the stairs, fingering his handgun gently. He smiled his smug smile as she walked in and waved.

”Well hello lil' puppy.”

Doujima was so surprised that she didn't have enough time to raise her gun before Rica brought his own up and fired at her. Almost on impulse she jumped aside into the small room on the right that contained the grandfather clock and the psychiatrist couch. Rica laughed.

Upon hearing the gunshot Sakaki ran twice as fast to the door, only to find Doujima diving wildly into a room and Rica sitting on the stairs like a child who was squirting a water gun at the family dog.

“And here's puppy number two.” Rica smiled as he raised the gun. Sakaki jumped himself towards the room on the left, but he instinctively fired his own gun as he did. The bullets struck Rica in his chest, but of course they did nothing more than cause a light pain in his chest.

Rica laughed once more and stood up, running over to the room on the left he peered inside. Sakaki had jumped inside to escape being shot, but he had not counted on the large piano that sat so close to the door and he had smashed himself head-first into it.

“Aww, poor puppy went and bashed his head.” Rica laughed. “Well, they had to shoot ole yellar when he got hurt, guess I have no choice.”

Rica raised his gun at Sakaki's unconscious form. This time he would not miss.


Rica heard Doujima's voice as she realized what he was doing. He had heard women scream that word at him many times before, just as he killed their lovers or children, but this time that woman had a barrette pistol in each hand and fired them at him.

Bullets smashed into Rica's back, into his arms, and into his neck and he only laughed. Of course it hurt, but he had learned to ignore the pain after a while.

”Naw puppy that isn't gonna work.” He laughed.

”This will.” Doujima said icily as she raised the gun in her right hand and fired a bullet clear into Rica's left eye.

David Rica had not expected this.

The scream that echoed out from his dead throat was piercing, a horrible sound that chilled to the bone and he dropped his gun and tumbled backwards. His sunglasses had shattered and fallen away and Doujima looked on as the left half of his face was splattered with oozing red blood.

Sakaki was stirring now, and as he woke up Doujima dropped her guns and dropped down to his side, her arms flying around his shoulders and her anger long forgotten.

”Doujima?” He blinked as her face loomed into view.

”What's it gonna take for you to call me Yuri?” She snapped but continued to hug him.

Of course she had forgotten her anger at him, but she had also forgotten that Rica had one eye left. She heard the sound of a gun cocking behind her and she closed her eyes.

”I hate you.” Rica said quietly as he pulled the trigger.

Doujima's eyes were closed tightly and she prepared for the bullet that would kill her, but what she had not prepared for was Sakaki pushing her down to the ground. The bullet grazed Doujima's shoulder as she fell, and while it hurt her heart hurt even worse as she watched the bullet pierce Sakaki's upper chest. Sakaki bit his lip as he fell down into blackness, dripping red blood oozing from beneath his shirt.

“Aww, isn't that touching?” Rica said his voice like icy knives. “Letting himself die for you.”

Doujima turned around, a look of pure hate in her eyes as she gazed at Rica.

“He died for you, and yet you're gonna die anyway. Hah, puppy love is a useless thing, do you know that Doujima?” Rica was smiling from his one-eyed face. Beneath the blood that covered his face she saw that smug smile again. “That's why I hate puppies.”

Rica's finger pulled the trigger, but before the bullet could end Doujima's life a blast of bright orange flame appeared and burnt it in midair. Doujima's tear filled eyes and Rica's single; blood filled one turned towards the front door.

The front door where Robin Sena stood.

“Well, the lil' birdie joins the puppies.” Rica smiled his smug smile. “Or should I say puppy, I already killed one of them.”

”Shut up.” Robin spoke, her voice filled with hatred hotter than her craft.

“Make me.” Rica smiled.

A jet of water flew through the room towards the youngest hunter of the STN-J, but a blast of yellow flames met it halfway, and while the flames became harmless smoke, the water evaporated as well.

Rica smiled a grim smile, but it fled instantly. Blazing orange streaks of fire had flicked up from the floor and their yellow tongues licked at him with a malicious hunger for death.

Rica's cold water fell onto the flames like rain, turning them into harmless smoke.

“You'll have to do better Robin.” Rica spat as he sent two more jets of water at the hunter half-his-age. Robin's flames met the jets of liquid halfway and burnt them into steam before they touched the young girl in the least.

”I don't want to kill you.” Robin said flatly, and it was true.

”Well I want to kill y-o-o-o-u.” Laughed Rica smugly.

Rica threw his gun aside so he could make full use of his craft, bringing his hands out in front of him and focusing with all his might. No less than nine jets of water flying faster than eighty miles per hour flew at Robin, but her flames jumped up and turned them all to steam so quickly that no more than a few drops of water flew into her hair.

“Alright.” Rica said, anger rising. “Now I'm pissed.”

Two jets of water flew at Robin but as she blocked them with her flames a third jet shot from her left. She turned in time to evaporate away the full force of the blast but enough water struck her face to send her glasses flying into the wall, where they shattered and fell to the floor.

Robin blinked the water out of her emerald eyes as she realized what had happened and a sense of dread overtook her. Without the glasses . . .

Three jets of water came flying at her from Rica, who had wasted no time in attacking once again, and Robin turned to block them all. Her fire missed their targets by mere centimeters but it was enough, the flames only ate away parts of the water and even then they weren't as hot as they had been. The jets of water smashed into Robin's chest, sending her into the same wall that had broke her glasses.

She slunk down to the floor as a forth jet of water smashed into her face, knocking her unconscious. The water did not stop with knocking the hunter out, it continue to smash into her face, drowning her the same way Rica had drowned Sarah Rhodes.

“Time for the birdie to die.” Rica smiled.

“Time for the puppy to bite the jackass.” Doujima's voice snapped. Rica blinked his one remaining eye and looked down to the ground where he had thrown away his gun. Doujima now held the gun in her hand.

Rica changed the flow of his water jet from Robin's face to Doujima's side but he was too later, the blonde had pulled the trigger and the bullet had flown from his own gun into Rica's one remaining eye.

Rica let out a second scream even worse than the first as he fell backwards right into an ugly chair, blood pouring out of his right eye just as it had from his left. Doujima blinked after the water stopped pounding her chest and looked up at the chair. Rica lay in the chair lopsided, his head rolled on his shoulder and his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

Jackson David Rica was dead.


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