Stop Begging for More WHR!

Witch Hunter Robin is a wonderful series. It has a really great storyline, great characters in that storyline, two soundtracks that totally rock your world, and many other things in it that just make you go *MELT*, whatever it may be. I've seen the series several times since the new defunct Rice-Box released the last episodes back in January, but each time I watch I've found myself more and more content with the ending the folks at Bandai gave the series. However, when I go around to many fansites and anime communities, I find the same complaints over and over again about the ending. The ending was too chopped up. The ending was too indefinite. The ending sucked. If people aren't complaining about that, then I hear the other side of the coins— Witch Hunter Robin needs a second series. Witch Hunter Robin needs an OVA to tell us more about what happened to STN-J and Robin and Amon after the destruction of Factory. Witch Hunter Robin needs a movie to conclude it. Blah, blah, blah—always the same arguments over a series I personally felt had a wonderful ending.

Granted, I do feel the ending to the series was a bit rushed. The first time I watched it, it did seem that Sunrise discovered they run out of the money the anime creation committee allotted them and needed to throw together an ending to the series, thus making it seem that there was some unanswered things when you watch Episode 26 (“Time to Tell”). But, when I watched it again, I didn't really see those unanswered things in the ending. Quite frankly, I liked the bit of mystery revolving the whereabouts of Robin and Amon at the end and over the replacement sent to STN-J at the very ending. (No, I don't quite believe that's Robin we see exiting the taxi-cab. Her hair's too dark—but then again, Robin could have dyed her hair darker as part of her escape from Solomon…?) So, what's wrong with having a series that ends with a little bit of mystery? Perhaps that's exactly how Sunrise wanted the series to end… with some of the mystery that originally surrounded Robin and Amon throughout the entire series?

I understand there are people who weren't happy with how the series ended. Those people feel WHR should have had a more definite ending, which is their opinion and I completely respect that. It's alright to want more of the series, but I seriously doubt that anymore of the series will be made, especially when we are approaching the first anniversary of the ending of the series. Or, it could be another The Big O -type of thing, where Sunrise and Bandai are waiting to see how well the show does here Stateside before they continue to go through with any possible follow-up to WHR. Again, I'm pretty doubtful of that happening. While you may want more WHR, please don't e-mail Bandai every day about the possibility of wanting more of the series. Sure, they'll be polite to you the first few times about it, but eventually the support people will stop responding and block your e-mail account(s). If the series is meant to have a second season, they will let you know.

And quite honestly, it doesn't look like there will be a second season of WHR, a movie, or an OVA out. So, please do the folks at Bandai a favor and please stop asking. Thanks! :)

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